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Epson America Improves Lead Quality, Pipeline and Revenue with Conversica

At Epson America, the Marketing team had limited visibility into what Sales was doing with their leads – and when they did gain visibility, they realized Sales was mostly focusing on named accounts and not the leads Marketing was sending them. The team needed a consistent process for lead follow-up, and turned to Conversica to help. By leveraging a Revenue Digital Assistant to follow up with Marketing-generated leads, Epson has learned a lot about how to structure their nurture process and increased their response rate by 240%.


  • Large pool of new leads each year
  • Inconsistent lead follow-up process


Revenue Digital Assistants for Marketing and Sales


  • $2M in incremental revenue in 90 days
  • 500% increase in influenced pipeline
  • 75% increase in marketing qualified leads
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Published 12/15/22
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