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Working with marketing automation software and CRM tools, your virtual sales assistant nurtures leads with natural, two-way conversations. Most leads perceive the emails as coming from a real person and reply. The AI engine interprets the response and continues the dialogue to nurture the lead and alerts a sales rep when the lead is ready.

Lead nurturing that identifies interest and buying intent, automatically

Your virtual sales assistant

Lead nurturing takes time, effort and close monitoring. The virtual sales assistant does it all automatically 24/7

Into the inbox

Friendly, colloquial AI emails appear to come from a real person and get results

50 percent response rate

Leads are much more likely to engage with the nurturing virtual sales assistant than with autoresponders

Continue the conversation

AI technology can interpret leads’ email responses and take action, such as sending unique and natural follow-up emails

Real-time alerts

Our virtual sales assistant software nurtures until a lead turns into a sales opportunity and then it alerts a sales rep immediately

Increase sales revenue

Your sales team can close more sales in less time with virtual sales assistant software to develop relationships and nurture leads

A new era has arrived where artificial intelligence can be used to automate the difficult, laborious task of making contact, nurturing and qualifying leads.

Lead nurturing software manages natural, two-way dialogues with leads

Nurture every lead for as long as it takes

Lead nurturing takes time, effort and close monitoring. The automated sales assistant does it all automatically, 24/7. The automated sales assistant starts engaging leads via email within minutes of initial inquiry and continues to engage and nurture until connecting with the lead or until the lead opts out – however long it takes – days, weeks, months or years.

Build a relationship with a new level of automated personalization

Because the AI emails appear to come from a company employee and are written in a conversational manner, leads are more likely to engage with the automated sales assistant than with lead-nurturing autoresponders. In fact, on average 35 percent of leads typically reply to the AI emails. When a lead is ready to purchase, Conversica's lead nurturing software alerts a sales representative automatically that it’s time to make a sales call.

Complements your lead nurturing programs

Automated sales assistant software is a valuable addition to your lead nurturing campaigns. When Conversica identifies a lead as not interested right now, it's a perfect time to add that lead to an automated lead nurturing campaign to educate the lead with your great content. Then, have your automated sales assistant from Conversica check in periodically with a human touch to see if the lead is ready to engage with sales. This use of your Conversica automated sales assistant increases personal engagement, which is missing from most automated email marketing campaigns.

Your automated sales assistant can help with many types of lead nurturing

The automated sales assistant can be used for many types of lead nurturing campaigns, including:
• Promptly respond to every incoming inquiry
• Qualify Internet leads
• Reach out to past customers
• Reengage dead and inactive leads
• Market services and accessories to customers after a sale
• Seek feedback on the customer experience

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