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Epson America Increased Influenced Pipeline 500% with Conversica

Chris Nickel, Senior Marketing Manager, shares how Epson America uses Conversica to qualify, nurture and prioritize leads to improve the quality and speed of their pipeline.

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Table of Contents
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Published 06/17/23
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Chris Nickel

Hi, I'm Chris Nickel and I work at Epson America. I'm the Senior Commercial Marketing Manager. Trade shows and R Com generate leads. That's what we do. But what do we do with them once we get them? That's where Conversica comes in. Lead volume is roughly around 30,000 to 40,000 leads a year.

For some companies, that's really small. But for companies like ours, that's a large volume. There's no way they're going to get through all of those and actually get a hold of people. The problem we are facing is, we're spending a We spent a lot of money on generating these leads. We want them all followed up on and then be able to cherry pick from those the ones that we really think they should spend the time on.

We had a particular campaign that was going on for the projector group. So we had a volume of leads that were coming in. We had some trade shows that were happening around it. So we, we funneled all those through Conversica. So I was really watching the conversations, just seeing the interaction that was happening and the excitement of the customer that, “Hey, thanks for following up, I really appreciate it. And I know that I've taken a long time or whatever.”

But like the persistence, it was like, okay, this is working. I have salespeople coming in and going, “Hey, this is working really well. I didn't think it would, or I was skeptical or, but it's really, I like the leads that we're getting. They're a bit of higher quality. They're closing better.” That kind of thing.

So what kind of value is Conversica bringing to Epson? It's really, there's several, right? There's a tangible money or monetary value. You know, we're in the millions of dollars at this point. There's other metrics that we're able to capture that we weren't able to capture before Conversica, such as what's our engagement rate with our, with our leads.

So that was at about 10 percent and now our engagement rate is at over 50%. One of the other additional opportunities that we're getting from Conversica that we didn't expect is the, uh, we're finding out what dealers are following up and what dealers aren't. So as a result, we can decide what we want to do.

Do we, you know, we can contact that dealer and find out. Now, is there a breakdown in the communication there very well could be, or yeah, we're just not following up on leads. Okay. We won't send leads to them anymore. That's okay. We'll find another dealer to do it. That's a huge win for the company.

Then there's the hot leads. So how many of your leads are turning into hot leads? Our AI Rachel is taking those first encounters with the lead and getting them to a point where they're raising their hand and saying, Hey, I'm interested in talking to somebody and increasing that 35%. What company wouldn't want that, right?

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