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Better Together: Conversational AI and Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are great at capturing and engaging cold leads until they show sufficient interest, thus becoming warm leads. But taking warm leads to hot lead status requires two-way interactions between leads and Sales Reps. Unfortunately, high lead volumes cause capacity constraints for Sales Development Reps who simply can’t engage every lead or work them fully.

Conversica AI Assistants give voice to your Marketing Automation strategies by automating human-like, two-way interactions with leads. AI Assistants work alongside your Marketing Automation Platform by directly asking leads “are you ready to talk to Sales?” at scale.

Check out this data sheet to learn how Marketing Automation Platforms and Conversational AI work together to help your business get the most out of every opportunity.


Better Together: Conversational AI and Marketing Automation Platforms

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Published 12/15/22
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