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Conversation Automation in Marketing Campaigns | Snack-Size AI Ep. 2

Ever wondered how to build Conversation Automation into your marketing strategy? In this episode of Snack-Size AI, Conversica Sr. Marketing Programs Manager Amanda Venezia walks us through a campaign that uses Revenue Digital Assistants to drive leads through the funnel.

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Published 06/17/22
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This quarter, we’re running a By the Numbers campaign. So this is a campaign to really show off our customers’ awesome ROI that they’re seeing by using Conversica. We’re doing this through a multi-channel integrated approach, and we’ll be leveraging our IVAs [Intelligent Virtual Assistants] throughout that.

The way that I’m structuring this is I’m starting with the people that we already know in our database. For this campaign, specifically that sales and marketing leadership in our ICP [Ideal Customer Profile], and then also on our target account list.

But before I put them into an IVA, I want to make sure that they’re actually interested in Conversica. So I’m going to use our typical nurture emails—well, they’re specific for this campaign, so By the Number nurture emails—as well as our Sales and Marketing newsletter to warm them up and give them more information about Conversica, and how we are providing ROI for our customers.

Once they click on one of our nurture emails or one of our newsletters and they engage with that content, they are automatically triggered within our Marketing Automation Platform to be added to our Cultivate Early Interest skill.

We’re able to segment them by their job function. So the way I’ve set it up, since I know I’m targeting sales and marketing leadership, is if they have a sales title or if they have a marketing title, they would go into two separate conversations.

So, Sales people would receive one message, driving them to the landing page. Marketing people would receive a different message specific to their business. So we’re really able to segment the conversation based on what they’re interested in.

It’s a one-to-one communication. So the IVA will ask, would you like to receive a link to calculate your ROI with Conversica? If the lead responds and says, yes, I’d love to receive a link, we would then provide the link to that page and push them there. If they don’t respond, the IVA will continue to reach out over the course of 21 days to push them to that page.

If they say I would not like to receive a link, then we would stop their journey there. We may retarget them at that point, but the IVA would stop working.

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