Our Culture

Making Work More
Fun for Everyone

We're growing quickly, innovating rapidly and delivering exceptional value for our customers.

While we're driving forward AI innovation and augmenting the workforce for businesses worldwide, we're building a very special company based on these important values:

Customer Obsessed

Our Culture Statement, like our business, starts with a focus on our Customers. We deeply understand their businesses and problems and work to solve those problems. We think and act from the customer’s perspective.

Think Big

We tackle and solve big, important problems that will benefit millions of people. We are bold in our goals and passionate about coming to work each day. We inspire each other and our customers with what we can achieve together.

Intellectual Honesty

We are honest with ourselves and with each other. We celebrate the good, discuss the bad, encourage and learn from different viewpoints. Facts and data matter; we follow the data without preconceptions. Best ideas win on merit, not on personality of originator. We have strong opinions but are willing to change opinions with new information.

Teamwork and Tenacity

We win and lose as a team and we don’t give up. We build each other up; we support each other. We are helpful – to each other, to customers, to partners, to everyone with whom we interact. Have fun, be fun, and get stuff done!

Bias to Action

Faster is better than slower. We take calculated risks to achieve bold goals and use good judgement to do appropriate amount of analysis.


Every person and role at Conversica is important! We have high standards and strive for quality for our team, our products, in all we do. We reward excellence and those who achieve exceptional results. But we don’t waste energy on unneeded or excessive quality – we don’t analyze to 4 decimal places when one is enough.


We respect ourselves, our customers, coworkers, vendors, partners, investors – everyone with whom we interact. Respect starts with empathy for others and a tolerance for different viewpoints. No egos, no drama, no jerks.

Learn, Teach and Innovate

We are always learning and improving. EVERYONE has the responsibility to suggest innovations. We draft, iterate and improve, continuously. We avoid routines that don’t work. We are curious, creative, but also take opportunities to learn from the best. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Mistakes are inevitable, but we learn from them.

Personal Accountability

We take responsibility for our actions. We build trust and speed by keeping our promises to each other. We explicitly communicate when circumstances change and we need to renegotiate commitments.

Ethical Results

We focus on tangible results that improve the lives of our customers. We want to win but we also care HOW we win. High ethical standards are a foundation for long-term success.

Thrifty and Smart

We do more with less. We spend money as if it were our own. We make decisions as owners and act in the best interests of the Company.


We use good judgement to strike the right balance in all we do. Our values may seem to conflict with each other, so we use wisdom to balance competing priorities.

Great people and technology make Conversica a great company.
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