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Our Culture is as Unique as Our Employees

Our leadership talks about our opportunities.

Culture-Conscious Leadership

Watch to learn how our leadership team prioritizes maintaining our unique company culture as we grow.


Promoting Inclusivity

We embrace our differences to create a safe environment for our employees to thrive. Learn how our executives promote a diverse culture.

The unique workplace we’ve created here.

Supportive Environment

Our employees can expect support from day one. Learn how our team supports each other and encourages personal growth.

Our technology is changing the workforce.

Product Enthusiasm

Conversicans are dedicated to driving innovation and are always inventing new ways for our customers to leverage our product for increased success.

We Prioritize Three Keys to Happiness at Work

People You Work With
Respect for Your Team

We’re an organization that never leaves teammates behind. We coach, mentor, and help each other grow as people. Everyone offers a helping hand as we encourage positivity, respect and compassion.

You Love Your Work
Love for Your Work
Employees see the impact and results of their efforts. The work you do is meaningful, innovative and game-changing. We value feedback and challenging the status quo.
Career Growth
Passion for Career Growth
Enjoy dynamic opportunities across the organization. Cross-training and promotions from within are a priority. Employees are supported via training opportunities and encouraged to explore new projects.

Our Values

Our values are the core foundation of our culture. Our employees embrace and live by these values day to day.

Accountablealways following through

  • Mindy Ly
  • Mindy Ly

Mindy is someone who you can always count on to deliver on time on any project. She takes ownership and responds to all questions from employees in a timely manner.

Empatheticunderstanding other's feelings

  • Deborah Mullan

Deborah is the empathetic ying to my hard-driving yang. Her job is to thoughtfully consider media, analyst, and executive perspectives while providing guidance to navigate those waters without "bruising" egos.

Proactivemaking things happen

  • Amelia Farber

Several existing and potential partners expressed interest in using Conversica's IVA to help Non-Profit Organizations with their fundraising efforts. Amelia took our Fundraising AI Assistant concept and pulled the team together to advance it to reality closing our first YMCA customers and building a diverse pipeline of zoos, health foundations, child enrichment organizations and universities.

Teamplayerno "I" in team

  • Allison Wusterbarth

Allison is one of the first to jump in and help out when someone has a challenge or needs a sounding board. She exudes an infectious, positive, we can do it attitude that raises the energy in the team.

Collaborative together as one

  • Will Beeler
  • Will Beeler

Will is a mentor who provides sound advice to all teams. He has a strong set of instincts around connecting with and learding people. He is very positive and works effectively with employees.

Enthusiasticpassionate about the things that you do

  • Erica Hansen
  • Erica Hansen

Erica brings so much energy and joy to each day. She sets an amazing example with her positive attitude and excitement. Her energy is felt (even virtually) in every meeting and interaction she has with customers and across the company.

Respectfulputting yourself into their shoes

  • Gabe Martini

Gabe always respects and works well with different team members (whether engineering, CS etc.). Respecting the opinions and positions of people whose problems you are trying to solve (whether internally or externally) is a key PM trait that Gabe demonstrates.

Transparentwhat you see is what you get

  • Danielle Russell
  • Danielle Russell

Danielle is always providing guidance and support on all accounting matters. She is honest and thoughtful in her communications with employees. She is knowledgable of her discipline, hardworking and dedicated.

Curiousexploring to find the answers

  • Maria White
  • Maria White

Maria is always looking for ways to provide best in class support to the organization. She asks the right questions and keeps an open mind when considering company wide programs.

Persistentnever giving up

  • Malia Spath

Malia does an amazing job of maintaing a positive attitude and working through , over and around challenges. With customers like 2U and ATT she is always being thrown new challenges. Malia maintains a calm yet determined focus and always finds a way to deliver with creative solutions and is never afraid to ask for help.

Sense of Urgencynow versus later

  • Amanda DePaul
    Sense of Urgency

Amanda is a high-performer who works lightning fast across multiple streams. She knows and feels the impact demand generation has to the success of the business. She pushes, slacks, texts until she gets what she needs if she can't do it herself.

Trustworthysomeone you can always rely on

  • Al Sharifnia
  • Al Sharifnia

Al can always be counted on. You can trust that he follows through on any action or request that comes his way. He is knowledgeable and will find a solution to your problems.

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