AI Conversations Across Email, SMS, and Website Chat

Strike up a conversation with your customers and keep it going across multiple channels. Our Revenue Digital Assistants™ communicate across email, SMS, and website chat to engage your customers and drive them towards the next best action to generate revenue. Automate personalized, human-like, real-time interactions that drive customers to take the next best action with Revenue Digital Assistants™.


Connected AI Conversations at Every Stage in the Buyers’ Journey

Traditional email nurture and simple chatbots can only do what you program them to do—sending scripted messages and following predefined playbooks. Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ independently conduct AI-powered conversations across email, SMS, and website chat comprehending responses and crafting messages that determine the next best action. No micromanagement required.

Conversica AI Assistants Delight Customers by Meeting Them in the Moment


Email prospects, customers, and partners in a personalized, two-way interaction at scale to drive towards the next best action; whether that’s scheduling a Sales meeting, gauging interest to buy additional products or services, or politely but persistently collecting overdue payments.

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Website Chat

Engage with your website visitors via chat to quickly direct them to the information they seek, gather contact info, and schedule meetings in real-time for your Sales team



Offer quick and convenient assistance to your prospects and customers on the go with SMS—and keep the conversation going via text message while they are mobile.

Keep the Conversation Moving With Conversica Answers

The best Conversation Automation solutions must be able to answer questions and keep the conversation moving without human intervention. Conversica Answers enables our RDAs to field common questions without looping in human team members or losing the momentum. By delivering relevant and accurate responses, our RDAs feel natural and act authentically.

One Solution to Support Multichannel Communication

Your prospects and customers are tired of disjointed experiences. Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ can begin an AI conversation via website chat and continue communication via email and SMS. Discover qualified opportunities and pass them to your customer-facing teams from any channel.

Next-Generation Website Chat Powered by AI

Our RDAs have the power to understand and respond to any question via two-way conversations over website chat. Forget picklists or scripted flows.

Unparalleled Channel Validation, Deliverability, and Data Quality

Bad data yields unreliable delivery rates. Revenue Digital Assistants™ automatically update your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform with any new contact information it learns. Ensure high deliverability rates with best-in-class channel validation, deliverability, and data quality capabilities built into the solution. Conversica uses one of the largest email quality networks to validate email addresses and avoid triggering spam filters.

Alerts and Notifications to Keep the Team Informed

Your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams and managers can rely on real-time alerts via email or SMS notifications that provide updates on contact status. Track hot leads, leads to review, or leads requiring further action. Keep your admins up to date regarding sent messages, open rates, bounces, and any errors needing attention.

Easy Deployment and Faster Time to Value

Select from a best-practice library of 60+ skills and hundreds of AI conversations optimized for each channel—no need to write a single sentence. Our Conversation Editor allows you to personalize AI-powered conversations with business-specific language. Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ can be deployed in just two weeks. AI-driven conversations are available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.


“The results we have seen in fewer than 60 days are nothing short of eye-opening. Such an efficient tool with REAL bottom line results. We currently have identified through Conversica more than 75 HOT LEADS and have closed more the 20 leads. All while continuing to keep the funnel of new leads filled for our sales team.”

Revenue Digital Assistants™ Are Your Best and Top Performing Teammates: Drive Engagement While Improving Visibility and Accountability


Attract Higher Quality Leads

Capture more leads at the top of the funnel.

Engage with buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey to find more hot leads in your funnel.

Drive 100% lead coverage to maximize marketing ROI.


Acquire More Customers Faster

Find sales-ready leads faster, significantly reduce sales cycles and increase close rates.

Leads warmed by a Revenue Digital Assistant™ are up to 3x more likely to respond to Sales outreach.

Empower Sales to focus on what they do best: developing trusted relationships and closing business.

Customer Success

Grow Customers Into Advocates

Provide relief to your highly leveraged account teams by promptly sending important messages and notifications. Engage customers at scale to schedule account reviews and collect product usage and NPS surveys.

Focus on building deeper relationships that help you stay ahead of retention and growth opportunities.

Integrate Conversica With Your Existing Tech Stack

The Conversica platform supports over 50 integrations into the most popular MAP and CRM platforms and offers an open API for custom integration. Explore our Integrations Page to learn more.


See What Conversica AI Assistants Can Do For You

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