Conversation Management

Customize AI Conversations with Our Conversation Management

Personalized messaging meets scalability. Conversica AI Assistants are easy to deploy thanks to a rich and extensive conversation library, battle-tested by more than one billion interactions. Easily customize conversations to meet the unique needs of your business with our Conversation Management tools—all while retaining the best practices for high deliverability and engagement rates. Track the efficacy of your AI-driven conversations with our reporting and analytics dashboards.

Speed Time to Value

Conversational AI With an Extensive Built-in AI Conversation Library

Never write a single email thanks to our extensive Skill and Conversation Library. Conversica AI Assistants come with Skills— clusters of conversations to support specific use cases—to support all your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success needs. Go beyond email templates. Access 60+ Skills, 600+ conversations, and 31,000 phrases. Built to perform, our AI Assistants always follow best practices and drive towards the next best action, accelerating revenue.


Deploy Quickly


Customize Easily


Answer Questions

Match AI-Driven Conversations to Specific Campaigns Image

Match AI Conversations to Specific Campaigns

Take more control without sacrificing performance. Our Conversation Editor empowers you to adapt and modify exchanges to match specific use cases, campaigns, and messaging while emphasizing our expertise and high performance. Update important details including links to assets to nurture and educate contacts, CTAs to schedule meetings with Sales or Customer Success, update value props, and more.

Conversation Editor Is Visually Powerful and Intuitive

View and control AI-driven conversations at a glance. Conversation Editor shows every conversation flow as a series of building blocks. Make changes via color-coded sections to update CTAs, value props, and messaging along the conversation exchange. See what your AI-driven conversations will look like—and let the AI Assistant do the rest. Track the efficacy of your conversations with our Reporting and Analytics dashboards.


Combine Flexibility With Built-in Best Practices

See better deliverability and engagement with an AI Assistant. Conversica has determined the right variables to tailor for the best results. Update key variables in your multichannel conversations without losing the integrity of the conversation. Ensure the tried-and-true quality of machine learning across millions of AI-driven interactions.

See the Conversation Editor in Action

Conversational Marketing and Sales


Conversational Customer Success

Deliver Personalized Answers to FAQs with Conversational AI

Conversica Answers Connect Customers With the Information They Need

Your customers have questions and your AI Assistant has answers. Conversica Answers enable your AI Assistants to answer questions commonly asked by leads or customers. Give leads immediate answers to questions without human intervention to keep leads and customers moving in the right direction. Conversica answers provide a more effective and realistic conversation, improving the contact’s experience and increasing engagement.

Easy to Activate

Conversica provides you with a list of possible question and answer sets, which you are able to review, edit, and activate when you’re ready. Once activated, your AI Assistants start answering questions from your customers with the answer you’ve approved, quickly and consistently.

AI-Driven Communications Push Conversations Forward

Keep the conversation going. Conversica AI Assistants engage contacts, answer questions, and push the conversation to the next best action—whether that’s sending a link to educational content, updating contact information, sharing customer surveys, booking a Sales call, or scheduling a meeting with a Customer Success Manager.

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Conversica AI Assistants attract, acquire, and grow opportunities by delivering omnichannel conversations to leads and customers that drive towards revenue-generating actions.


Higher Quality Leads With Conversational Marketing

Engage 100% of your leads and find the handraisers


More Customers Faster With Conversational Sales

Accelerate sales-ready opportunities to win more revenue


Customers into Advocates With Conversational Customer Success

Deliver a personalized touch to your customers at scale


“The results we have seen in fewer than 60 days are nothing short of eye-opening. Such an efficient tool with REAL bottom line results. We currently have identified through Conversica more than 75 HOT LEADS and have closed more the 20 leads. All while continuing to keep the funnel of new leads filled for our sales team.”

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Looking to retain and grow your customer base? Get a demo to learn how adding a Conversica AI Assistant to your team increases capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your business. AI-driven conversations are available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.