Monitor, Compare, and Improve the Performance of Your Customer Revenue Lifecycle With AI Reporting and Analytics

Conversica empowers your revenue teams with key performance metrics and insights to monitor, compare, and continually improve your customer revenue lifecycle performance. Evaluate the performance of your AI Conversations with Conversica’s Reporting and Analytics Dashboards. Learn which sources drive your most engaged leads/customers and where to put your attention to achieve more wins.


Prove Value and Demonstrate Success of Your AI Assistants

Easily demonstrate the success of Conversica AI Assistants to engage contacts, accelerate sales-ready leads, and motivate customer retention/growth. Give your revenue teams the information they need to succeed with our intelligent reporting. See where your leads land in the lifecycle, track lead/customer status, and investigate one-on-one interactions between your contacts and AI Assistants.


Benefits of AI Assistant Reporting and Analytics


Monitor Performance


Compare Results


Take Action and Improve


Analyze and Compare Results for Continuous Improvement

Actionable information when you need it. Conversica’s intelligent reporting lets you see where your highest quality leads are coming from, track engagement rates, and track how many hot leads are created from interactions with your AI Assistants. Use this data to determine where to focus your attention to provide the most value.

Improve Visibility and Accountability in Your Revenue Teams

Marketing and Sales leaders are frustrated by a lack of visibility into the sales process. Deep dive into how each of your Sales Development Reps performs and ensure that no lead is left untouched with your AI Assistant. Understand how your team members are working alongside the AI Assistants to attract, educate, and convert leads into opportunities.

Leverage Our Analytics Engine to Dive Deeper and Track Specific Business Metrics

Get the information you crave. See key success and performance metrics natively in the Conversica app in Salesforce. Conversica easily integrates with reporting solutions like Looker or Tableau to gain deeper insights and track specific business metrics.

Intuitive Conversational AI Reporting and Analytics

Lead Funnel

See where your leads fall in the funnel. How many are falling out of the funnel and how many are converted into closed/won?


Lead Quality and Status

Check out the quality and status of your leads
with our at-a-glance reporting.

Customer Engagement and Status

Keep an eye on your customer interactions
with our reporting tools.

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Conversica AI Assistants attract, acquire, and grow opportunities by delivering omnichannel conversations to leads and customers that drive towards revenue-generating actions.


Higher Quality Leads With Conversational Marketing

Engage 100% of your leads and find the handraisers


More Customers Faster With Conversational Sales

Accelerate sales-ready opportunities to win more revenue


Customers into Advocates With Conversational Customer Success

Deliver a personalized touch to your customers at scale

“The results are very easy to report on. There’s nothing to manipulate to see the results that you want to see. Plus, you have the ability to see everything in the dashboard at a granular level. And the customer support is far and above anything we’ve experienced.”

– Nicol M, Email Marketing Manager


Ready to See How Conversica AI Assistants Increase Performance Throughout the Funnel?

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