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Conversica Skills

The Conversica Skills Library

Each skill is optimized to drive a specific business outcome, with a variety of conversation options within each skill to further drill down and customize your use case. Equip your Revenue Digital Assistant with one or many skills depending on your needs.

Skills to Precisely Target Areas of Your Funnel

Whatever your revenue team’s goal, we have a skill that can support it

Generate Interest

A Personal Touch to Generate & Gauge Interest of a New or Cold Lead

Use a personal touch to generate & gauge interest with new or cold leads in your target profile. Initiate a two-way conversation to answer questions & provide a best-in-class experience that builds rapport.

Cultivate Leads

Turn a Warm Lead Hot With a Helpful Assistant to Guide Them Through Their Journey

Reach out to prospects earlier in the funnel who have signaled potential interest to pre-qualify leads, warm-up accounts, and get them ready to talk to your sales team.

Event Promotions

Add a Special Touch With a Personal Invite and Follow Up Based on Engagement

Don’t burden the sales team to personally invite prospects & customers. Provide timely and relevant conversations segmented based on audience and actions.

Qualify Prospects

Immediately Engage Each Lead in a Productive Conversation to Validate Interest & Confirm Fit

The first point of contact to engage prospects who submit a demo request or contact us form, or leads who reach a threshold and become Marketing Qualified Leads.

Reactivate Interest

Don't Let Leads or Opps Go Cold, Re-ignite & Captivate with Relevant Two-way Dialog

Use what you know about a lead to construct a tailored and helpful conversation to warm a lead back up, no matter where they were in the funnel; early interest to open opps. 

Expand Accounts

Drive Interest in New Products & Expansions, and Guide the Adoption of New Capabilities

Maximize the product’s value by promoting the adoption of essential features and fostering optimization. Utilize insights to tailor announcements, assess interest for expansion, or explore opportunities to acquire additional products, services, or projects.

Manage Customer Health

Start Off on the Right Foot and Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Every Customer

Provide an onboarding concierge to facilitate the process & provide best practices. Regularly engage & maintain an open line of communication with all customers, highlighting account changes, reviewing results, driving adoption & exploring growth.

Winback Former Customers

Keep the Dialog Open with Customers, Exposing New Value & Gauging Interest to Return

Restart the conversation with former customers by highlighting new product advancements & customer successes to demonstrate value unique to that account.

Renew Existing Customers

Drive Repeat Purchases or Renew Subscriptions by Facilitating an Easy Renewal Process

Avoid unexpected churn by starting a conversation early, uncovering issues, and confirming details before they hinder renewal.

Request Feedback

Keep a Pulse on Customers & Find Advocates by Collecting Feedback on a Regular Basis

Solicit feedback on customer activities & take action on the results, product usage, and surveys, setting meetings to explore issues or encourage reviews from promoters. Continuously mine satisfied customers for shareable stories and new referrals.