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Recession-Proof: Using AI to
Retain and Grow Customers
in a Downturn

We don’t need to tell you there is economic uncertainty right now. If you’re tasked with keeping and growing current customers, you’re probably already seeing some of the signs: businesses tightening their belts, angling for discounts, hinting at a non-renewal or a shorter term. Maybe your own organization is pausing hiring or cutting budget to prepare for tough times, leaving you under-resourced.

Despite all that, your net retention goals aren’t changing. In fact, Customer Success teams have even more pressure than ever to maintain the health of the business as acquiring new customers gets more expensive.

Now is the time to put an AI-powered net retention plan in place—amplify your efforts, your customer touch, and value delivered BEFORE customer’s churn plans solidify. And do it without having to hire or fight for headcount in constricting times.


Join Conversica Chief Customer Officer Ella Dillon on
Thursday, July 28 at 10 AM PT for a conversation on recession-proofing your Customer Success team. We’ll cover:

– Rising customer expectations and the problem with standard
one-to-many tech touches;
– The customer conversations you must prioritize to avoid churn
and expand accounts; and
– How to use AI to scale your existing CS team and blow your
net retention numbers out of the water.

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Ella Dillon

Chief Customer Officer

Dillon brings to Conversica deep expertise in Customer Experience design for fast-growing pre-IPO SAAS companies rooted in loyalty-driven retention and expansion. Before joining Conversica, Ella ran Global Customer Support and Global Customer Success at, supporting their growth through $150M in revenue. Previous to that, Dillon was Vice President of Success Strategy and Operations for DocuSign, taking them from a single product, North American business through IPO.

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