Bad Leads Gone Good With Kim Roman

When Talkdesk made a shift to get stricter with their MQL criteria, the Marketing team was left with a sea of not-quite-qualified leads. Regular nurture streams gave them no shortage of downloads, but the conversions just weren’t happening. So what to do with all these pre-MQLs?

As Sr. Director, Global Campaigns and Performance Marketing at Talkdesk, and a marketing veteran, Kim Roman knows all too well the challenges of leads being left behind. Undeterred, she is on a mission to turn bad leads into good.

Learn how Kim and the Talkdesk team leverage Conversational AI Assistants to sort through thousands of leads, accelerating the handoff of truly sales-ready buyers while autonomously nurturing the not-ready leads until they turn hot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drastically improve lead follow up process,
  • Go beyond lead scoring and MQL
  • Improve number of hot leads passed to Sales
Bad Leads Gone Good With Kim Roman

Bad Leads Gone Good With Kim Roman

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