Conversational ABM: Personalization Power at Scale

Adopting an account-based approach is no overnight shift. Not only does it require sales and marketing alignment from the start, but you also need to have a killer execution strategy and the proper technology to support it to achieve successful account engagement. As such, many companies today are investing in innovative solutions, including Account-Based Marketing and Conversational AI. But the true power of these technologies can only be fully realized when they come together to form Conversational ABM.

Conversational ABM combines the data-driven targeting of ABM with the personalization and scalability of Conversational AI to revolutionize marketing and sales.

Jon Russo, CMO & Founder at B2B Fusion, and Sonny Dasgupta, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Conversica, will discuss how ABM and Conversational AI blend together to help revenue teams deliver personalization at scale and drive revenue predictability.

This on-demand webinar will explore:

  • The strategic value ABM offers marketing and sales teams;
  • Why marketers and salespeople still fall behind on ABM execution;
  • How to overcome challenges to execution and effectively qualify leads; and
  • What role Conversational AI plays in an ABM strategy.
Conversational ABM: Personalization Power at Scale

Conversational ABM: Personalization Power at Scale

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