Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

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Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ helps you do more with less, recession-proof your workforce, and win the revenue numbers game. Conversica’s Conversational AI platform powers Revenue Digital Assistants™ to act like digital team members supporting your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

Revenue Digital Assistant™ for Sales

Keeps leads engaged

Your digital sales assistant engages leads in two-way conversations across email, SMS, and website chat. Revenue Digital Assistants™ for Sales interact with your leads—and alert you when they show intent to buy. On average, 40% of all leads reply to our Powerfully Human®️ digital sales assistants.

Re-engage old leads

Find sales opportunities among stale leads. Nearly 60% of leads are still in-market. Your digital sales assistant’s emails interact with the lead and alerts you when they show intent to buy.

Create a Graceful Handoff

Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ for Sales schedules an appointment, so when your Sales Rep calls, the lead is expecting it.

Revenue Digital Assistant™ for Marketing

Drive More Dialogue

Make certain no leads fall through the cracks with a digital marketing assistant. Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ engage buyers at the top of the funnel with human-like, two-way conversations across email, SMS, and website chat, to attract higher quality leads, drive pipeline, and find more sales-ready leads.

Triple Your ROI on Marketing Spend

Keep your budget flat and increase ROI by adding a Conversica Revenue Digital Assistant™ to the mix to nearly triple the total return on investment for demand gen programs.

Increase Sales and Marketing Alignment

Conversation Automation bridges this divide by working every lead and directly asking them “are you interested?” Enjoy greater visibility into the sales process and ensure better handoffs between teams with a Revenue Digital Assistant™.

Revenue Digital Assistant™ for Customer Success

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Leverage your Revenue Digital Assistant™ to motivate upsell and cross-sell opportunities that benefit your customers and drive revenue for your business.

Turn Customers into Advocates

Increase efficiencies for your over-leveraged customer success teams by automating time-consuming outreach with Revenue Digital Assistants™.

Scale Your Team Capacity

Scale your personalized communications across channels with a Revenue Digital Assistant™ that will help your customer success managers prioritize driving renewal, expansion, and adding to the company’s top-line growth.


A good thing about Conversica is that we actually get in touch with the customers through her. Sometimes customers avoid our phone calls but Conversica is able to get responses and the right contact information. – Lupe Gonzales, BDC Manager, Alhambra Nissan


Your automated sales assistant is friendly and persistent

Your digital sales assistant engage the customer as soon as the lead arrives
On average, 40 percent of all leads reply to the Revenue Digital Assistant™. The digital sales assistant sends an email or SMS back and forth with the lead, nurturing each one and alerting your sales staff when interest changes to intent to buy.

Your digital sales assistant finds which leads want a call and gets the best number
With our artificial intelligence software your Revenue Digital Assistant™ identifies the leads that are ready to engage in the sales process and gets the best phone number and best time for a salesperson to call. On average, 35 percent of leads provide the automated sales assistant with an additional phone number, usually a cell phone. Most importantly, when your sales staff calls, the lead will be expecting their call.

Your digital sales assistant engages stale leads and cross-sells
Revenue Digital Assistants™ can also find new sales opportunities in stale leads, increasing sales and getting more value from your existing leads. Nearly 60 percent of leads our AI technology reengages are still in market. Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ can also be used to cross-sell other products and gather feedback on customer satisfaction.

Optimize CRM marketing automation solutions
Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ can be used to improve the quality of leads and better identify sales opportunities from leads created by demand generation campaigns with marketing automation tools such as Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua.

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