Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

Top Customer Experience Without Burning Out Your Team

Customers want a human touch, but your team can’t pull it off at scale. Close the gap with Revenue Digital Assistants™ that deliver the one-to-one experience with one-to-infinity capacity.

Conversica Value

A Powerfully Human®️ Conversational Experience For All

Relevant & Human-Like Dialog

Personalized two-way conversations to influence and persuade leads, prospects and customers

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Responds to a Variety of Requests

Supports over 60 different use cases and responds to common questions autonomously

Adapts to Changing Preferences

Carries the conversation from channel to channel and across languages to meet customer needs

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Executes on Your Team’s Behalf

Keeps up with the turns of conversation to drive your specified outcome—no intervention needed

Deliver the 1:1 Experience at Scale

Leverage account and contact insights to deliver the most relevant and personalized message intended to drive a two-way dialog. Dynamically shift channels and languages to meet the contact’s preferences and answer questions consistently as part of the natural course of the conversation.
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Superhuman Consistency & Execution

Take on the routine and tedious tasks required to uncover, cultivate and grow customers and execute them with precision. Consistently monitor and take action based on business triggers, ensuring 100% engagement for all contacts at every point in their journey with your brand.
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The Conversica Growth Workforce™ Model

Distribute tasks and activities between human and AI to optimize for what each do best. Let the AI take on the prompt, persistent and consistent engagement for every contact that humans just can’t manage. Your team is freed to focus on the strategic planning, relationship building and complex solution resolution that AI can’t do.
Conversica Growth Workforce is a hybrid resource module that leverages AI and Human resources to optimize for efficiency and empower humans to focus on what makes them happy
Working one customer at a time just doesn't cut it. Build your Growth Workforce.
The Conversica Difference

Experience is King - Authentic Conversations Matter

Every interaction counts. If your responses are robotic, fail to answer questions adequately, or can’t deliver on a request, customer experience suffers.

Conversica: Powerfully Human - Dynamic & Adaptable

The only solution to use both NLU & NLG to hold truly human-like, dynamic and meaningful conversations

Uses the power of AI to understand intent, generate responses and identify appropriate answers

Understands free-form responses, dynamically generates tailored messages and takes action by itself

More than a point-in-time engagement, RDAs build rapport across the customer journey

Other Solutions: Frustrating Experience - Scripted & Robotic

Relies on pick lists and scripts that force contacts down a predefined journey

Understands basic sentiment, just enough to ensure contacts stay on the scripted path

Simple requests require intervention, slowing the engagement or abandoning the exchange

Designed to accomplish what the client wants, not the customer, leading to a unsatisfying experience


Tips & Insights for the Customer-Obsessed

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