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Accelerating Lead Conversions With Conversational Marketing


Build pipeline with revenue-hunting digital assistants
Build pipeline with revenue-hunting digital assistants
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Published 08/13/21
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It’s a tale as old as time. Your Marketing team generates leads, your Sales team follows up with those leads in hopes of converting customers, and business leaders within your company strategize to make the whole process move quicker. Sound familiar?

Revenue leaders recommend changes to lead scoring, more nurturing of existing leads, and even increasing headcount for the Sales team. But each of these recommendations has its limitations: Lead scoring is only an educated guess, lead nurture often goes unnoticed, and hiring more employees is expensive.

What organizations really need is a scalable way to touch every single lead to determine which leads are sales-ready. Conversational AI for Marketing fits this niche nicely. But what exactly is Conversational Marketing, and what does it offer businesses? Let’s dive in.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is a marketing-specific application of Conversational AI—helping Marketing teams attract and cultivate higher quality leads before handing them off to the Sales teams. Spanning website chat, email, and SMS interactions, Conversational Marketing cultivates early interest from incoming leads.

AI Assistants, for example, are a specific Conversational AI solution built to act as virtual team members. These AI Assistants engage leads in two-way personalized interactions at scale. Unlike rules-based or scripted solutions, true Conversational AI engages leads in real conversations, takes autonomous and accurate action, and learns over time.

When leads are given a personal touch earlier in the funnel, they feel more connected and valued by your business. More importantly, this AI-driven proactive outreach gives leads the ability to raise their hand earlier in the customer journey—which means opportunities accelerate to the notice of the Sales team. If the lead isn’t ready for a conversation with Sales, the AI Assistant will continue the conversation until the lead is ready. When Conversational AI is used in conjunction with traditional email automation, content strategy, virtual events, and more, organizations drastically scale their ability to educate leads, identify opportunities, and accelerate conversions.

Tackling Lead Volume and Accelerating Sales-Ready Opportunities With Ease

Lead volume is a blessing and a curse. You want high lead volumes because Marketing and Sales are a numbers game. The more leads Marketing generates via events and content, the more likely Sales teams are to find opportunities. Right?

For Sales teams, it’s the exact opposite. Sellers want the best leads—the leads most likely to convert. The last thing Salespeople want is to waste time investigating dead ends when they could be building rapport with prospects and closing deals. This predicament causes Salespeople to cherrypick leads, potentially leaving good opportunities unnoticed and unengaged.

These competing approaches create a disconnect between Marketing and Sales. This is unfortunate because Marketers and Sellers are ultimately working towards the same goal.

Conversational AI helps bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales teams. By touching every lead with a personalized message, AI Assistants act as a first point of contact to autonomously determine the next best action. Sometimes that’s elevating a handraiser. Other times that’s following up later. The important part is that it’s an AI making those decisions at scale.

This is extremely helpful when parsing through large numbers of event or webinars attendees to find those truly interested in learning more. Or when tackling content leads to determine who has questions for the Sales team and who just wanted the content download.

Why Marketers and Salespeople Love Conversational AI

By acting as an extra pair of virtual hands, AI Assistants for Conversational Marketing help Marketers and Salespeople alike. Marketers get their best leads in front of Sales no matter where they appear in the funnel. And Sellers prioritize their time on self-identified, sales-ready prospects. Everybody wins—including the customers who receive the personalized attention they expect when they expect it.

If you’re looking to accelerate lead conversions, consider adding Conversational Marketing as a strategic advantage.

Interested in investigating how to better align Marketing and Sales teams? Read our eBook: Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide.

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