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Top Use Cases: Conversationally Nurture Inbound Leads


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Published 02/08/24
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We’ve covered two of our top use cases in the past few weeks: following up on inbound leads and improving the quality of leads passed to Sales.

Our third and final installment of the top use case series features a solution to one of the most common problems in Marketing funnels: nurturing inbounds until they’re ready for the next step. Top Use Case #3 is all about using dynamic, hyper-personalized conversations to move leads through their journey. You need convincing, flexible 1:1 dialog to move more leads through their journey, fast.

The Problem with Traditional Nurture Programs

Most Marketing shops today have a robust nurture program through their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). But while MAP nurture emails do a good job talking AT your leads, it’s just not enough to convert today’s buyers. Buyers are bulk-deleting drip-fed template emails – shutting you down from the beginning.

Not only that, but organizations are also dependent on scoring models to indicate where leads are on their journey, meaning many leads who are truly ready to move forward get caught in the one-way cycle of MAP nurture rather than being surfaced to Sales. 

There’s a big gap between sending those one-way blasts to new leads and the point at which those leads are actually ready to take the next step in their journey (we call that the Conversation Gap).

If you could continuously nurture your leads by talking WITH them in a two-way dialog, more buyers would be surfaced. Rather than set your MAP or Sales team on a wild goose chase, AI-powered conversational nurture can continuously interact leads no matter where they are in their lifecycle, routinely sending out feelers to wake up dormant leads, moving not-quite-ready inbounds through their journey, and surfacing the ripe opportunities for next steps.

Making MAP Nurture Two-Way

We’re not suggesting you throw out your Marketing Automation Platform just yet. You can transform your old-school one-way nurture programs by adding the power of conversations to the mix.

Trigger a conversational engagement right from your existing lead nurturing programs and Marketing Automation Platforms. Revenue Digital Assistants™ become an integrated step in your nurture flow by using lead interest (open, click or download) to automatically trigger an AI-powered conversation to quickly progress leads through the funnel.

Think of it as jumping on the first sign of life: when a lead in your MAP nurture takes an action, they get passed to an RDA for conversational nurture, rather than languishing in your drip campaign until they hit an imprecise score threshold. Within the two-way conversation with the RDA, questions are answered, relevant content provided and ultimately Sales is looped in when it’s time.

Don’t Rely on Lead Scoring: Identify Interest Earlier

Rather than tallying trackable actions and trying to guess when a lead is ready to move past your nurture program, why not just ask?

Conversica quickly acts on any sign of interest, using the data available to build the most relevant and personalized conversational exchange. This allows Conversica to increase the velocity through the funnel and find hand-raisers earlier – no human intervention required. Conversica clients average five days from initial interest to Conversation Qualified lead.

Make a Memorable First Impression With Buyers

Any lead that engages with you on your website is much deeper in their journey than their scoring model might indicate. Immediate, human-like engagement is key to setting the tone of the lead’s experience with the brand—and moving them toward conversion.

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants use the prospect’s activities to inform the communication, tailoring the value prop, call to action and asset to represent the topic of interest, their role, industry and other firmographic data to wow them with a highly researched outreach that is timely and likely to elicit a response.

Value of AI Lead Nurture

Conversational AI-powered lead nurture use cases add conversational engagement to your traditional nurture programs, triggering authentic conversations with any lead that takes a desired action, building rapport and surfacing handraisers.

  • Get More Out of Your MAP
    Complement and enhance your existing Marketing Automation Platform investment with two-way engagement.
  • Add AI to Current Nurture Programs
    Trigger a conversational engagement based on any activity, action, or rule right from the lead management tool you already have set up.
  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities
    Revenue Digital Assistants™ run in parallel and complement traditional lead nurture campaigns to increase engagement rates.
  • Create a Proactive Funnel
    Capitalize on passive interest with personalized dialogue that identifies where they are in the buying journey and actively supports lead funnel conversion.
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