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Conversica Conversational ABM Offering Now Enriched With 6sense Insights


Beyond the Blast_ Next-Level Email Strategy
Beyond the Blast_ Next-Level Email Strategy
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Published 03/03/22
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Good news for the modern Marketer or savvy Salesperson. Conversica now integrates with 6sense, a popular platform for B2B organizations generating predictable revenue.

By combining Conversation Automation’s scalability to deliver personalized, two-way conversations with Account-Based Marketing from 6sense, organizations leverage enhanced insights to segment and route contacts. This means that Conversica customers can tap into the insights your organization has already invested in—thus, enriching account and contact data with predictive information such as intent score, buying stage, and segment.

By enhancing insights to segment and route contacts, Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ conduct the most meaningful and relevant human-like outreach via AI-driven, two-way conversations at every point in the customer journey.

Yes, it is possible to take all the rich insights from your ABM platform and marry it with the capabilities of Conversation Automation to deliver personalization at scale. That’s Conversational ABM.

Why Conversational ABM Is Important Now

ABM is a powerful tool and strategy for Marketers and Salespeople. ABM helps your business identify target accounts fitting your ideal customer profile (ICP) and deliver hyper-personalized communications to those accounts in hopes of better instigating opportunities.

Research shows that organizations are broadly positive about the benefits of ABM with 87% of respondents believing in ABM’s ability to convert more pipeline and 86% believing it can close more deals. But that’s not the whole story. Organizations leveraging ABM run into some common problems when it comes to scale and execution due to insufficient staff, time constraints, and an inability to scale personalized, two-way communication.

So, even when Marketing and Sales teams are equipped with highly valuable insights and data to personalize engagement, they fall short when putting it into action. Yes, organizations know that ABM offers tremendous value and are in need of something to fill in the gaps. And that something is Conversational ABM which combines Conversation Automation and ABM into a powerful tool for revenue teams.

6sense Integration With Conversica: What It Is & How It Works

The 6sense integration with Conversica offers dynamic enrichment of contact data with predictive buying and account insights. Revenue teams receive contact-based information from their CRM and enrich that data to help segment, route, and personalize every communication.

Contacts are automatically added to Conversica via your CRM either through the traditional action and engagement-based triggers—for example, when a lead attends a webinar—or based on 6sense’s predictive modeling that identifies accounts and contacts as in-market. Either way, once a contact is identified for outreach, Conversica calls out to 6sense to obtain the account and buying insights which help to properly segment the contact, routing it to the most tailored conversations, and enriching each communication.

Conversica plus ABM helps you do more

Our ABM Conversations

Conversica offers a number of “skills” for its Revenue Digital Assistants. These skills match specific use cases. As part of our push into Conversational ABM, Conversica offers an ABM Outreach skill that allows your Revenue Digital Assistant to hyper-personalize two-way communications with accounts and contacts.

Couched within the ABM Outreach skill are three conversations—ICP OutreachTargeted Customer Outreach, and Customer Solution Outreach—each optimized to use the insights you have on the account and contact to connect through meaningful customer examples and known pain points. Conversica Conversation Rules help with hyper-segmentation, making it easy to tailor each message to the industry, interest area, pain points, personas, and so much more.

Beyond the ABM Outreach skill, the 6sense integration enriches the following AI-driven conversations:

  • GENERATE Interest skill has two enhanced conversations:
    • Prospecting
    • Partner Cross-Sell
  • CULTIVATE Early Interest skill has one enhanced conversation:
    • Fresh Contacts
  • REACTIVATE Dormant Demand skill has one enhanced conversation:
    • Re-engage

Personalized engagement is difficult to scale on your own. Empower your revenue teams with Conversica plus 6sense to close more deals, improve deal sizes, and increase ROI on ABM investments.

Want an even deeper dive into the Conversica and 6sense integration? Read our Data Sheet.

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