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The 7 Essential Ingredients to Making GPT Enterprise-Ready

Jim Kaskade


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Published 07/17/23
3 minutes read

You’re considering a Conversational AI solution to add capacity and scale that delivers personalized engagements that uncover all revenue opportunities. 100% lead coverage? 100% lead follow-up? 100% of every possible opportunity presented to your revenue teams in a timely fashion and at scale? How many have this solution today?

Organizations need a digital assistant who is trained on your business, can represent your brand better than anyone and can hold valuable and productive conversations, when and where your prospects want.

But when conversations are dynamically generated in real-time by AI, you have to make sure the business’s data and brand are protected. Generative AI is a powerful technology but governance and structure is key for enterprise use.

Protecting your brand and delivering the best customer experience takes the right Conversational AI architecture.

The answer is not any single AI model, like ChatGPT.

The key is to marry a variety of Data Science technologies, Conversational AI services that work in synergy to empower dynamic conversations and autonomous action with enterprise-class, built-in governance and control that protects your business.

The Essentials for World-Class Experience

When examining Conversational AI platforms that apply GPT and other Natural Language Generation technologies, there are 7 main factors that help maintain the balance between the conversational experience modern buyers expect and the protections enterprises need.

6 factors for enterprise-ready GPT application

  1. Human-Like Exchanges: The interactions generated by the AI must be indistinguishable from humans to meet customer expectations. A Powerfully Human®️ experience is the only kind that will fully engage the end user.
  2. Brand Domain Knowledge: Large Language Models (LLMs) are as good as the data they are trained on. Is your business information powering your AI responses? With Conversica, 99% of the response comes from domain-specific data provided by you.
  3. Outcome-Based Conversations: Just answering questions isn’t enough. You need your AI to drive to a specific outcome, one step at a time. Our AI sequences end-user customer prospects and existing customers towards a business objective.
  4. Multi-Channel & Multi-Lingual: Does your AI speak across many channels? Not just website chat? It is able to detect and speak the native language of the end user? Conversica’s AI chat supports more than 100 languages. Conversica’s AI also moves seamlessly between chat, email and SMS (other channels are available as well including messaging, voice and even digital signage).
  5. Use Cases Across the Revenue Lifecycle: Leads start at the top of the funnel with Marketing, then mid-funnel with Sales and post-transaction with Customer Success. Our AI has the ability to drive business outcomes across the entire buyer’s journey.
  6. Governance: This means storing your domain data safely outside of public GPT models. It means securing it from other clients, allowing our customers to benefit from their own private LLM, and choose whether they even want pubic LLMs to be deployed in their use cases. This is the control that enterprises demand.
  7. Human-In-The-Loop: Our AI system still has humans who both audit for accuracy and make sure our client’s AI is performing as the best (digital) employee.

Hiring the Best Digital Employee

If you’re ready to bring GPT and Generative AI into your revenue teams, you need the right kind of digital assistant. One who knows your business and brand better than your human employees, and can hold the kind of Powerfully Human conversations your buyers expect.

Conversica is the only solution to strike that balance between the desire for Generative AI-powered dynamic conversations that deliver against modern expectations with the enterprise’s need for protection of their data and their brands.

Conversica has over a decade of experience and expertise in delivering enterprise-class Conversational AI solutions leveraging NLU, NLG and Generative AI technologies that is safe.  

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ are trained on your brand, follow your business processes and drive your desired business outcome, trusted to position your business accurately and take the best action to progress a prospect toward the desired goal, every time.  

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