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How Health and Wellness Companies Use Conversational AI


Unlock revenue with AI-powered digital assistants
Unlock revenue with AI-powered digital assistants
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Published 05/31/21
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As businesses reopen and local restrictions put in place due to the pandemic ease, health and wellness companies need a scalable way to communicate with former members and potential new members. This can be tough for any organization, but especially for short-staffed businesses.

Luckily, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help automate communication. Conversational AI helps fill in the gaps by offering personalized conversations at scale. But even more promising, Conversational AI can help gyms, health clubs, and community centers drive members to take actions that help drive revenue.

Here’s how health and wellness companies use Conversational AI.

How Conversational AI Delivers Communication and Education at Scale

While many people are relieved by the easing restrictions, others are understandably anxious. And the vast majority are probably unsure of what’s acceptable and expected in this new normal. This puts the onus on health and wellness businesses to educate their member base through mass emails, notices on their website, and flyers throughout their buildings. But this can only do so much to capture people’s attention. Similarly, sharing disjointed or inconsistent messaging could confuse and frustrate members.

Conversational AI, on the other hand, can persistently deliver important information to customers and members in a personalized way that helps cut through the clutter. AI Assistants, a popular form of Conversational AI that acts as a virtual team member, can help organizations effectively communicate new hygiene and sanitation procedures, social distancing or mask requirements, and reopenings. Consistency in messaging is vital in times like this. And since AI Assistants always follow best practices, fitness and wellness centers can rest assured that their members are getting the right information.

Attracting New Members With Conversational AI

After spending months indoors, a lot of people are looking to get up and at ‘em. The prospective customers and members tend to peruse multiple health and wellness orgs before settling on a decision. Businesses that use Conversational AI can promptly respond to inquiries about services and offer to schedule a meeting with an employee. This makes certain that would-be members feel heard and valued. It also offers a competitive advantage over organizations that are slower to respond.

AI Assistants continue the conversation, always pushing towards the next best action, such as scheduling a time to visit the location, setting up a call, or motivating them to sign up.

Keeping Existing Customers and Members Motivated and Coming Back

Of course, health and wellness businesses have existing members as well. And it can be hard for past members to get motivated to come back into the groove. Gyms, health clubs, and wellness centers need to engage with these customers to answer questions and drive usage of their services. By persistently following up with existing members via email or SMS, AI Assistants can directly engage with members in two-way conversations or elevate handraisers to the attention of your staff for folks that need extra assistance or questions answered.

This goes beyond this moment in time. Leveraging Conversational AI helps address low attendance rates and serves as a push in the right direction for people who would otherwise drop off.

Conversational AI and AI Assistants helps health and wellness organizations deliver personalized communications, attract new members, and retain existing members at scale.

Interested in learning more about how Conversational AI can help organizations do their best? Read our eBook: An Augmented Workforce for Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal.

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