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How our AI Assistant gets 33.4% more email engagement than industry averages


Maximize your ROI on events, tradeshows, and webinars
Maximize your ROI on events, tradeshows, and webinars
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Published 03/17/17
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For five years in a row, email engagement rate—or click through rates—have been on the decline.

According to Epsilon in their quarterly email benchmark reports, a leading marketing consultancy, click through rates have declined gone from 5.1% in 2010 to 3.1% in 2016. What’s interesting to note, is that open rates have increased year-over-year, from 22% in 2010 to 34.1% in 2016.

Epsilon postulates the reason for the trend: An increase in marketing messages. Marketing messages in Q1 2013 encompassed 61% of all emails sent, vs 88% in Q3 2016. Brace yourself marketers—but click through rates from marketing messages is even shockingly lower, at 1.6% — barely half of 3.1% for all email types.

So why the drop in numbers year after year? It does seem that people are interested enough to see what emails have to say, hence the rising open rates, but the content of the emails themselves are not motivating enough to instigate any actions? Or maybe it’s just too easy to save actions for later. How many times have you said to yourself, “This is really interesting, I’ll read it later” then proceed to put it in the “Read Later” folder aka Inbox Black Hole.

At Conversica, our AI sales assistant—Rachel Brooks, solves this very problem of email engagement. She tirelessly emails every single lead, for as many times as needed, and as long of a time as needed, to gauge their interests, and connects them them to a sales rep. Here is the engagement reportings from several of our clients (“engagement” is counted when a lead responds to the email).

  • Talend: 31% engagement rate
  • CAKE (Sysco): 20% engagement rate   
  • Extreme Networks: 13.5% engagement rate
  • INXPO: 28% engagement rate
  • LA Film School: 33% engagement rate
  • Zend Technologies: 18% engagement rate

Rachel Brooks’ engagement rate is on average, 33.4% greater than the average email marketing average reported by Epsilon. Successful engagement of leads is an art and a science, and it’s based on these following four metrics, or what we call “The Four Ps”:


Because emails are sent from Rachel Brooks (or any other names that clients call their AI Sales Assistant), they are less likely to land in the spam folder.


Rachel Brooks has a non-invasive and welcoming way to communicating with her leads. She’s emails her leads as an “Sales Assistant” — which could motivate people to respond back in a friendly way and offer information that they otherwise may not have to someone who holds a higher position.

And unlike one-way email communication, Rachel is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which means that she’s able to have a two-way conversation with leads. Every single message is an opportunity for someone to talk to directly to a member of the sales team.


Rachel’s feelings won’t get hurt if leads don’t respond after several tries. Research shows that the optimum amount of touches to get a response is 8-10X. She’ll make sure that she hits those numbers, without even a least bit of complaining!


Rachel can respond to a lead within minutes of their inquiry. People are more likely to respond when they can get the information they need right away. Otherwise, you risk losing them to your competitors.

What value would it bring your organization if you didn’t have just 1.6% of leads responding to your emails…but a enthusiastic 35% of engagement? Communication can only happen if the people on the other end are actually responding back, so why are we just relying on outdated one-way marketing messages to reach our leads?

Ready to take lead engagement to the next level, schedule a demo with us and meet your very own, Rachel Brooks.

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