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Winning Conversations: Conversica’s Top Performers in Q3 2023


Conversica's top-performing conversations from Q2 2023
Conversica's top-performing conversations from Q2 2023
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Published 10/20/23
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With Conversica’s vast conversation library, wide range of use cases and industries, and variable-based conversation architecture, there’s no end to the ways users can optimize their Revenue Digital Assistant’s messaging for best results.

Every month, we identify a top-performing conversation among the thousands in use to take a closer look at what makes it so successful. Today, we’re sharing the three winning conversations from Q3 2023

July 2023: Best Subject Lines for Sports Events

A company in the Sports industry had several upcoming in-person events, so they experimented with subject lines in their registration invitations. This customer wanted to know: Which subject line messages result in the most hot leads?

It’s a great question, and one that we all want to know the answer to! We collected and analyzed the results to bring you these proven best practices for event registration subject lines.

Best performing subject lines:

  • “Experience [event] with [company] in [city]”
  • “Join us [date] for our [event] – [city]”
  • “Hear from [industry/title] decision makers at [event]”
  • “Will I see you in [city] for [event] on [date]?”
  • “Regarding your interest in [company]”
  • “Interested in [event] in [city] on [dates]?”
  • “Mark your calendar: [event] [city] [dates]”

These top subject lines have:

  • Direct relevance to the recipients’ interests (event types, dates, or cities)
  • Key information, even before opening the message
  • A clear call-to-action

Keep these best practices in mind next time you promote your event – and hey, feel free to use these subject line templates, too!

August 2023: Leica Geosystems Boosts Performance with Conversation Rules

Manufacturing company Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, wanted to see just how much Conversation Rules would impact their lead conversion. So as they set up their campaigns, they clearly labeled which campaigns used Conversation Rules and which ones didn’t.

Leica’s Revenue Digital Assistant for Marketing cultivated early interest with new leads and followed up with old or inactive prospects.

The result? The campaigns using Conversation Rules may have received fewer leads overall, but far outperformed the campaigns without Rules in every comparable metric. The team saw a 300% increase in their net-new lead to qualified lead conversions and 23x ROI, with 12% of their total opportunity value influenced by their RDA.

Thanks to Leica’s successful implementation of Conversation Rules using Conversica and SalesForce CRM, we earned a Partner Innovation Award at Dreamforce 2023!

Conversation Rules Results:


Higher Conversation Rate


Higher Conversation Qualified Rate

September 2023: Software Company Maximizes Their Digital Downloads

An educational software company increases its website sales as its Revenue Digital Assistant follows up on digital sample downloads. They have an impressive 21% Conversation Qualified Rate over the past 12 months for their most popular product.

Of those Conversation Qualified34% convert into an online purchase. The best part is that this is all enabled through the Revenue Digital Assistant! Check out this Rep-less lead interaction to see how to apply something similar for your business:

Digital Download Follow-up

Trailing 12-Month Conversation Results:


Conversation Qualified Rate


Conversion to Sale

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