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Recall Role Call: Boost Auto Service Revenue with a Recall Campaign

Matt Waterman

Manager, Automotive Customer Success

Smooth service recall campaigns with Conversica
Smooth service recall campaigns with Conversica
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AutomotiveBest Practices
Published 06/06/23
2 minutes read

I talk with auto dealership GMs and Service Managers all day every day, and I hear a lot of the same sentiments: “We need to drive more revenue opportunities through our service drive, but we don’t have a huge pool of prospective customers to pull from!” And “We don’t have a dedicated Service BDC to prospect and drive business.”

This, my friends, is where our Customer Success team comes in to let you in on a little secret – the Recall Outreach conversation!

There have been many times that I ask how a dealership handles recalls, and the resounding answers range from:

  1. This isn’t top-of-mind or done proactively; no strategy in place
  2. Involves some expensive third-party software that doesn’t provide KPIs or drive much value
  3. Some poor BDC agent is spending all day in a windowless back room, cold-calling everyone on the gigantic list provided by your OEM

In the immortal words of many old infomercials: “There’s gotta be a better way!”

The Auto Service Recall Campaign conversation

The Auto Service: Recall Outreach conversation caters to customers that have an open service recall on their vehicle. Conversica will drive the customer to set up a service appointment to fix the recall issue.

Your Revenue Digital Assistant™ will mention the vehicle that has the recall and ask if the customer wants to set up an appointment. If the customer responds positively, the next message will ask for a phone number or allow the customer to schedule an appointment online with a link provided. After a lead has had the opportunity to speak with a representative, your RDA will follow up with the lead to ensure they received all the information they needed.

With a few well-placed information statements, or even customizable subject lines to grab your customers’ attention, you can have a steady stream of top-line revenue coming in. The best part is not only that your customers will be so happy that their trusted local dealership reached out to them proactively, but also that the manufacturer ultimately foots the bill!

Trust me – if you’re not using your Revenue Digital Assistant for Automotive Service for recalls, you could potentially be leaving piles of money on the ground.

So please, take it from someone who has been working exclusively with Auto Dealerships and Groups as a Customer Service Manager here at Conversica for many years; these campaigns will be successful not only to bring more revenue now, but create loyal customers later.

Not to mention your BDC agent will thank you for releasing them from that windowless back room!

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