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Introducing Our Conversica Sales AI Assistant Buyer’s Guide


Maximize your Sales team's effectiveness
Maximize your Sales team's effectiveness
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Published 06/23/19
2 minutes read

Are you trying to optimize your Sales and Marketing funnel, but struggling to engage with all of your leads in a cost-effective manner? Have you ever considered adding a Sales AI Assistant to your team to help you find Sales-ready leads earlier and faster in the cycle?

Whether you are aware of Sales AI Assistants or not, you’ll need to determine whether you have a funnel optimization problem or not. Our Sales AI Assistant Buyer’s Guide will help you assess whether your current lead engagement and funnel optimization efforts are ideal, and will help you determine whether your team would benefit from workforce augmentation with a Sales AI Assistant.

There are a lot of questions that come up when companies are trying to determine if the time is right for them to implement AI. Our Sales AI Assistant Buyer’s Guide includes a few different resources that will help you assess and understand your readiness to get started with AI:

Conversica’s 4th Annual Sales Effectiveness Report

In our Fourth Annual Sales Effectiveness Report, you’ll learn what goes into a successful lead follow-up strategy and the results that companies are seeing from the 4P’s: Promptness, Personalization, Performance and Persistence. This report takes a close look at how companies engage their leads. It also shows patterns of successful lead engagement. Conversica AI Assistants help companies reach an optimal level of the 4Ps and many companies now achieve greater sales effectiveness by augmenting their teams with Conversica AI Assistants.

Self-Assessment Scorecard

On this self-assessment scorecard, you’ll find questions about your role, your company, your readiness for AI, and the pain points experienced by your Marketing and Sales teams. Once you answer all the questions on the assessment, you’ll receive a score and recommendations from Conversica to help you determine if it’s the right time for you to get started with AI.

Top 10 Payoffs of AI-powered Lead Follow-Up Checklist

This checklist will show you the top ten payoffs you can expect when you implement a Sales AI Assistant to help with lead follow up. This checklist details how AI is helping companies increase interactions with inbound leads to get more conversions. You’ll also see the real results that companies are experiencing thanks to their Conversica Sales AI Assistants.

RFP Template

Our RFP template has questions included to help you craft your RFP and think through critical points when considering Conversica’s Sales AI Assistants. This way, you can easily understand everything you should cover in your own RFP.

Case Study Portfolio of Companies Who Are Successfully Deploying Their AI Assistant

Discover how companies are leveraging AI in their business and the results they’re experiencing. This case study portfolio highlights several use cases and benefits that companies are seeing from Conversica’s Sales AI Assistant solution. Learn here how these virtual assistants help companies engage and convert leads through relevant and timely outreach.

Download our Sales AI Assistant Buyer’s Guide

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