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Subject Lines that Demand to be Opened

Faythe Harris

Customer Insights Analyst

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Published 01/07/24
3 minutes read

Do you delete or decide if you’re opening an email based solely on the subject line? Yeah, me too, and so do 64% of us. Crafting a set of suitable subject lines for your outreach is key to a successful campaign. We encourage you to experiment and test which subject lines work best for your use cases and leads.

Subject lines make or break email campaigns

Since subject lines are crucial to success, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best-performing subject lines in the past year. Here are a few quick tips where others have had success by use case.

Sporting and Other In-Person Events

Sporting event campaigns have excellent Conversation Rates. Giving the lead a sense of place, community, and date range right in the subject line is a great way to encourage them to open the email and engage with the content. 

Sporting Events

Leverage Group Tickets and Fandom

  • Tap into the camaraderie of sports fans with references to group experiences.
  • Example: “Score Big with [Team Name]’s Unmatched Fan Experience, [Name]!”

Mention Upcoming Events or Games

  • Highlight important upcoming events or playoff games to create urgency.
  • Example: “[Opponent] Rivalry Rekindled – Join [Team Name]’s Thrilling Showdown!”

Sporting Event subject lines

In-Person Events

Make It Relevant

  • Customize subject lines with specific events, dates, or cities to capture interest.
  • Example: “Unveiling the Next Frontier of [Industry]: Experience it Live at [Event] [City]!”

Encourage Action

  • Urge recipients to take specific actions, such as attending an event or marking their calendars.
  • Example: “Last Chance to RSVP: [Event] [City]”

Cultivate Early Interest / Engage Demand

Your Fresh Contacts are primed and ready for your Revenue Digital Assitant (RDA) to come in and continue the conversation. Keep on the right foot with an inquisitive or kind subject line. Here are two pro tips. 

Encourage Interaction

  • Ask a specific question or mention a particular product to encourage engagement.
  • Example: “Your [Company] Trial – Let’s Ensure You Have All the Information!”

Polite and Appreciative Language

  • Show gratitude for the recipient’s interest using courteous language.
  • Example: “[Name], Gracias por su interés en [Company] – ¡Estamos Aquí para Ayudar!”

cultivate early interest subject line

Reactivate Dormant Demand

Leads that are on Reengage or Recycled campaigns need extra context or incentive to engage with your email. Many organizations increase efficiency by letting their Revenue Digital Assistants warm up these stale leads.

Personalization Matters – Personalizing the subject line can lead to a 30% improvement in performance.  

  • Include the recipient’s name or acknowledge their previous interaction with your company.
  • Example: “[Lead Name], Your Previous Interest with [Company] – Exciting News Inside!”

Avoid Repetitive and Generic Phrases

  • Steer clear of overused phrases like “touching base” or “checking back in.”
  • Example: “Reimagining [Product] for You, [Lead Name] – Check It Out!”

Subject line to reengage old leads

Generate Interest

Cold outreach leads are the toughest cookies to crack. They may have little context about your brand or services and would thus ignore the RDA’s message. We’ve found success when the subject line is concise and gives a bit of information about your product. Check out these quick tips!

Be Concise and Engaging

  • Keep subject lines brief and to the point while conveying the main idea effectively. Subject lines that are too long may not show completely in the lead’s inbox.
  • Example: “[Name], Let’s Discuss Your [Industry] Strategy with [Company]!”

Hint at Specific Topics or Services

  • Avoid being too generic, hint at the specific value you offer to the recipient.
  • Example: “[Company Name] Increase your [Product] sales”

Cold outreach subject lines

We hope these examples give you some inspiration as you curate your subject lines for upcoming campaigns. Now it’s your turn! Go forth and experiment, analyze, and optimize your subject lines.

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