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A Simple Template for Testing Your Revenue Digital Assistant’s Messaging

Faythe Harris

Customer Insights Analyst

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Published 01/06/23
1 minutes read

Curiosity is one of Conversica’s core foundational values. As an organization that uses our own Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs), it only makes sense that we’d be curious about how to optimize our assistants’ messaging. Experiments help us understand which messaging adjustments are working and which are not.

Today, we’re sharing our template for running our experiments to help outline our thought process and document our findings.

Our Message Testing Template

When we set up one of our tests, we start with the following questions to guide our process.

  • What are your goals for this test?
  • What is your hypothesis?
  • What are your variables?
  • Which client list or conversation is your experiment and which client list or conversation is your control?
  • What is your success metric?
  • How long will you run the test?
  • Results

Tinkering With Our RDA’s Signature

To give you a real-time example, recently we ran an experiment to see the results of adding social links to our assistant’s signature.

Here’s an example of how the email might appear in an inbox:

And here’s how we filled out the experimental template:

What We Found

The “Unhealthy % of Attempted” metric stayed steady for all conversations except one in the date range we reviewed. The only conversation that had an increase in the “Unhealthy % of Attempted” metric was the “After Action Feedback” conversation, with an increase of 5 percentage points.

Since there was no noticeable negative impact on our Unhealthy metric after the change was made, we decided to keep the links in our messaging.

Future investigation could track clicked links through UTM Tracking Tags to measure how often the links are clicked.

Since completing this experiment, we’ve updated our Customer Success assistants to have a link to our Community instead of our LinkedIn page.

Using our experimental template, we’ve run similar experiments around the Call to Action, Subject Lines, Hot Lead window, and even sending a hyperlinked gif. Sadly, the hyperlinked gif experiment performed poorly and we have not launched a gif message since.

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