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Top Performers of 2023: Auto Industry Wins


Top performers in automotive
Top performers in automotive
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Published 12/28/23
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With our vast conversation library and the endlessly customizable variable-based conversation architecture, no two Conversica use cases are exactly alike. But we see some patterns for success, especially within industries.

In the last few days of 2023, we’re exploring some of our top performers from the year and what set their conversations apart.

We cut our teeth helping the Automotive Industry unlock sales and service revenue, and more than a decade later, we still find that dealerships have some of the most profitable use cases for Conversational AI. We’ve got four examples from 2023 to highlight from that industry.

Sunset Hills Subaru: SMS Factory Order

Sunset Hills Subaru

Customers are always on the move. This Missouri-based dealership uses the SMS Factory Order conversation to offer leads the flexibility of texting when they reach out about vehicles they may need to factory order. This outreach helps Sunset Hills Subaru streamline inventory management, meet the specific preferences of their leads, and more.

Over the past 12 months, one Missouri dealership using this conversation saw a 23% Engagement Rate and a 6% Hot Lead Rate.

SMS Factory Order Conversation


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

CA Ford Dealership: Following Up on Loan Applications

Financing is a major aspect of purchasing a car—and dealerships need a fast, consistent way to follow up on applications and inquiries. This California-based Ford dealership uses Conversica’s Finance conversation to connect with leads who submit a partial or complete online loan application, ensuring they can capitalize immediately on interest.

This conversation unlocks tons of opportunity: half of leads contacted reply to the AI assistant, and 28% reach Conversation Qualified status. Below is a real conversation from the dealership’s campaign, showing the value of immediate follow-up.

Auto loan application follow up conversation


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

Jaguar Land Rover Nashville: Multichannel Internet Lead Follow-Up

Jaguar Land Rover Nashville

When a lead requests a test drive or information on a vehicle, every dealership knows instant follow-up is key. But offering multiple channels of communication that allow the lead to continue the conversation in whatever manner they prefer is really how to clinch the deal.

This TN dealership beats out the competition with SMS communications and conversation rules to move leads in the messaging funnel when they come in for a test drive. Nearly 3 in 5 leads respond to the assistant, and one-third become Conversation Qualified with a positive response indicating they’re ready for the next step in the buying process.

Auto dealership internet lead follow up conversation


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

Faulkner Maserati Alfa Romeo Willow Grove: Special Offer Outreach

Faulkner Maserati Alfa Romeo Willow Grove

Getting the right offer in front of the right customer can uncover some major opportunities. This PA-based dealership uses Conversica’s Special Offer Outreach conversation to craft targeted, custom messages tailored to their leads. Highlighting timebound specials adds urgency to the message, encouraging replies.

Their recent Black Friday Sales Event campaign resulted in responses from nearly one in five leads and picked up a 3.4% Conversation Qualified Rate—hot leads that otherwise might not have ever been noticed!

Special Offer Outreach conversation for Auto


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

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