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Top Performers of 2023: Sports Industry Wins


2023 top Sports industry conversations
2023 top Sports industry conversations
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Published 12/26/23
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With our vast conversation library and the endlessly customizable variable-based conversation architecture, no two Conversica use cases are exactly alike. But we see some patterns for success, especially within industries.

In the last few days of 2023, we’re exploring some of our top performers from the year and what set their conversations apart.

Conversica is a favorite in the Sports, Media, and Entertainment industry, in particular among professional sports teams selling tickets. We’ve got three examples from 2023 to highlight from that industry.

San Jose Earthquakes: Winback Fans with Unused Ticket Credit

San Jose Earthquakes MLS logo

This Major League Soccer team segments their fans by purchase history so the Revenue Digital Assistant™ sends a highly personal email to each fan. Their most successful segment is customers with unused credit – go figure, right?

Conversica’s Winback Fans conversation caters to past fans who have not purchased tickets or services in the last three months to identify any who are interested in returning as active customers. This conversation’s messaging can be adapted based on the fan’s past experience. The assistant asks about interest in hearing about the team’s new offerings, driving for a call with a rep.

One key factor the Quakes included in this play is when the credit must be used by, which creates a sense of urgency. Check out their messaging below:


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

Subject Lines for Event Registration

A company in the sports industry had several in-person events over the summer, so they experimented with subject lines in their registration invitations. This customer wanted to know: Which subject line messages result in the most hot leads?

It’s a great question, and one that we all want to know the answer to! We collected and analyzed the results to bring you these proven best practices for event registration subject lines.

Best performing subject lines:

  • “Experience [event] with [company] in [city]”
  • “Join us [date] for our [event] – [city]”
  •  “Hear from [industry/title] decision makers at [event]”
  • “Will I see you in [city] for [event] on [date]?”
  • “Interested in [event] in [city] on [dates]?”
  • “Mark your calendar: [event] [city] [dates]”

These top subject lines have:

  • Direct relevance to the recipients’ interests (event types, dates, or cities)
  • Key information, even before opening the message
  • A clear call-to-action


higher Conversation Qualified rate

Toronto Blue Jays: Upgrade Single Ticket Buyers to Season Tickets

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays use the Winback conversation in a slightly different way: rather than reaching out to fans who haven’t attended any games in a while, they segment out single-game ticket buyers to start a conversation about upgrading to season tickets.

Using the information they have about fans’ purchase history, the team gives their audience a personal touch while making a targeted offer designed to entice. When the RDA finds legitimate interest, the Blue Jays reps step in to close the deal. This powerful play gets big results: nearly one in four fans messaged become Conversation Qualified, meaning they’re ready to talk to a sales rep. Now that’s a lot of potential season ticket revenue that might otherwise be missed!

Toronto Blue Jays Upgrade to Season Ticket conversation


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

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