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Top Performers of 2023: Technology Industry Wins


Tech Industry top performers of 2023
Tech Industry top performers of 2023
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Published 12/27/23
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With our vast conversation library and the endlessly customizable variable-based conversation architecture, no two Conversica use cases are exactly alike. But we see some patterns for success, especially within industries.

In the last few days of 2023, we’re exploring some of our top performers from the year and what set their conversations apart.

The Technology Industry is a major user of Conversica’s Conversational AI Platform, with valuable use cases that run the entire customer lifecycle. We’ve got three examples from 2023 to highlight from that industry.

Voyager Sopris: Follow Up on Digital Downloads

Voyager Sopris Logo

This educational software company increases their website sales as their Revenue Digital Assistant follows up on digital sample downloads. They have an impressive 21% Conversation Qualified Rate over the past 12 months for their most popular product.

Of those Conversation Qualified, 34% convert into an online purchase. The best part is that this is all enabled through the RDA! Check out this Rep-less lead interaction to see how to apply something similar for your business:

Voyager Sopris digital download conversation


Conversation Rate


of Conversation Qualified contacts convert to purchase

OEConnection: Drive Account Health for Retention and Growth

OE Connection Logo

The Drive Health Skill is comprised of conversations that power an engaging customer experience and increase retention. OEConnection, a software company for the automotive industry, does a particularly excellent job of leveraging this skill.

They use Drive Health conversations by uploading leads monthly and segmenting customers by usage. High-usage customers trigger an upsell conversation, while the at-risk low-usage conversation gets prompted for inactive users.

Then there’s Schedule Review, their most successful conversation which aims to schedule account reviews with their current customers.

Software company's Drive Health conversation is the top performer for April 2023



Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

ESET: Proactively Initiate Renewal Conversations

ESET logo

2023 was a tough year for net retention in the technology industry. This digital security company stayed ahead of the curve using Conversica’s Renew Existing Customers skill to proactively start the renewal conversation before any potential issues could sneak up on them and become barriers to renewal.

ESET’s renewal conversation is triggered by upcoming contract end dates, beginning outreach to offer information about tailored options for the customer and scheduling meetings with a success rep as required to uncover potential concerns, avoid delays, and potentially find opportunities for upgrades and expansions.

ESET account renewal kickoff conversation


Conversation Rate


Conversation Qualified Rate

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