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Top Use Cases: Follow Up on Inbound Leads


inbound lead follow-up
inbound lead follow-up
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Published 01/16/24
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With our library of thousands of conversations and endlessly customizable variable-based conversation architecture, Conversica has an infinite number of unique uses. That being said, we’ve seen a pattern among our most valuable use cases. We’re exploring the top four high-value, most-bang-for-your-buck conversational AI use cases in this new blog series.

Up first: Prompt, consistent follow-up on inbound leads.

Why Inbound Follow-Up Matters

A lead that engages directly with your brand on the website is likely to be deeper in their journey than your scoring model might indicate. Immediate, human-like engagement is key to setting the tone of your lead’s experience. Multiple studies across many industries show that fast follow-up on inbound inquiries dramatically increases the likelihood of conversion—up to 391% if it’s within a minute of the initial contact, according to Velocify.

But it’s not just timing—what that follow-up includes makes a difference, too. Today’s buyers expect personal, relevant, 1:1 communications from brands. Personalized emails produce a 2.7x higher click-through rate and 5.7x more revenue.

For the best shot at conversion, you need to provide instant responses to 100% of inbound leads that reference the action that triggered the outreach, are tailored to the leads’ interests and firmographic data, and can carry the conversation through whatever the lead throws at you. And the only way to get that is through conversational AI.

The Inbound VIP Treatment: How Conversica Handles Follow-Up

There’s a short window of opportunity when a lead expresses interest in your solution – so when they raise their hand for more info, Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ immediately get back to them to engage and qualify further. Unlike an autoresponder, Conversica uses lead insights and digital behavior to start helpful and relevant conversations, resulting in higher engagement rates.

Lead follow-up

Let’s explore an example.

Say a lead downloads a piece of content from your website. Your CRM data shows that the lead is a Marketing leader at a company within your ICP, and the content she accessed is a guide to Conversational AI. Using that data and Conversica’s Conversation Rules, your Revenue Digital Assistant reaches out immediately, referencing her action and highlighting a value prop that’s relevant to the lead’s role.

When the lead responds, the RDA parses the intent and identifies the next best step—qualifying the interest by asking a question about the lead’s tech stack. At the same time, because the lead has shown interest, the RDA alerts the proper Sales rep to make sure the handoff goes smoothly.

Conversica's Conversational AI Platform has over 50 intent models to dynamically respond, alert reps and take the next best action

What Happens After Initial Outreach

If the lead doesn’t respond…

Conversica will try again—up to 12 times—if there’s no response to the initial message. Each message is dynamically generated, meaning the language is distinct for each message, so it feels like a real human, not a bot.

If the lead isn’t interested…

The timing isn’t always right for a Sales conversation. Conversica will follow up 30, 60 or 90 days later to keep your solution top of mind and try again.

If the lead has specific questions…

Revenue Digital Assistants ensure that basic questions get answered without human intervention so that when leads are passed to Sales, they’re qualified and ready to continue the conversation.

If the lead is ready to move forward…

Conversica automatically alerts the proper Sales rep that the lead is “hot,” or Conversation Qualified, and ready to take the next step. RDAs can even schedule meetings with a rep for you, filling your Sales team’s calendar with no effort on their part. When the meeting or contact has taken place, the RDA will circle back to the lead to ensure there are no further questions or needs, closing the loop.

Conversica’s Inbound Conversations

Inbound leads come in many shapes and forms, from scored MQLs to demo requests to aged inbounds that didn’t convert the first time around. We have conversations that cover all the nuances.

  1. Cultivate Leads: Reach out to prospects earlier in the funnel who have signaled potential interest to pre-qualify leads, warm-up accounts, and get them ready to talk to your sales team.Common uses include:
    • Segmenting and tailoring conversations based on content engagement, search terms and page visits
    • Kicking off a meaningful dialog with contacts that were referred to you

  2. Qualify Prospects: The first point of contact to engage prospects who submit a demo request or contact us form, or leads who reach a threshold and become Marketing Qualified Leads.Common uses include:
    • Conversationally qualify prospects with questions to confirm fit and then route appropriately 
    • RDAs collect and confirm the correct information from leads for follow-up

  3. Reactivate Interest: Use what you know about a lead to construct a tailored and helpful conversation to warm a lead back up, no matter where they were in the funnel; early interest to open opportunities.Common uses include:
    • Programmatically engage any MQL that went silent 
    • Segment leads based on their last action & provide them with a new, highly relevant asset
    • Provide personalized offers based on historical activities

The Value of Prompt AI Lead Follow-Up

In summary, Conversica’s lead follow-up use cases do all the heavy lifting for you, sorting through your inbounds to find the Sales-ready opportunities.

  • Connect While Your Lead’s Hot
    Using lead insights, immediately initiate a helpful, relevant conversation with all inbound leads.
  • No More Guessing Games
    Quickly assess the next best action in each lead’s journey based on their unique responses.
  • Polite Persistence
    With 8-12 attempts, you’re sure to capture the 50% of leads that are naturally slow to engage.
  • Trained to Your Rules
    AI assistants follow rules of engagement, account tiering, scoring thresholds and your other business considerations.

Up next, we’ll cover how Conversica helps improve lead quality.

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