Conversica is happy to announce that our Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) have added website chat to the mix; allowing our IVA to seamlessly communicate across website chat, email and SMS to connect and engage with prospects and customers along the customer lifecycle to accelerate revenue in a cost-effective manner.

Website Chat Powered by Intelligent Virtual Assistants

At last, it’s time to ditch the playbooks and stop building workflows by hand – IVA-powered Website Chat from Conversica has arrived. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants now bring the same autonomous, human-like, two-way conversations your prospects and customers enjoy via email and SMS to your website via website chat. And for you, this means that like email and SMS configuration, you don’t have to write a single chat conversation or build a workflow from scratch. Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants come equipped with pre-built conversations for chat and workflows which can be configured and deployed within minutes.

It should come as no surprise that today’s prospects and customers expect communication on their terms. This includes prompt and personalized conversations across multiple channels—including website chat, email, and text messaging—as prospects investigate your offerings and request product demos, or customers require answers to their questions or product support. But delivering timely, personalized responses to every prospective buyer or customer is simply not possible for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams strapped for time and resources.

To combat capacity issues, many organizations leverage simple chatbots to answer frequently asked questions or redirect website visitors to a live agent. While this helps to a degree, simple chatbots cannot and do not engage with website visitors in human-like conversations. Instead, they only deliver canned responses to predetermined questions set up by internal teams. And organizations might not have a live representative on point to manage complex questions or requests from website visitors.

Now customer-facing teams can go beyond simple chatbots by deploying a robust website chat powered by an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Why Website Visitors Appreciate IVA-Powered Website Chat

Visitors who land on your website are most likely looking to do one of four things: Learn More, Schedule a Demo, Contact a Sales or Support representative, or Ask a Question. Website chat makes it easy to find resources without navigation, schedule a meeting with the appropriate person, or find answers to frequently asked questions.

Tap buttons make it especially simple to communicate with the IVA via website chat. Or, if they prefer, website visitors are also able to write free-form text into the chat window, which the Intelligent Virtual Assistant can interpret and respond to in a human-like two-way dialogue.

Not only does website chat powered by an IVA provide the prompt and personalized attention that prospects and customers need, but it also captures contact information to continue the conversation via email.

Why Customer-Facing Teams Love IVA-Powered Website Chat

Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams benefit greatly from website chat powered by an Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Website chat helps elevate interested prospects and customers on your site by alerting your representatives when the visitor expresses interest in setting a meeting with a Salesperson or Customer Success Manager.

Visitors can effortlessly schedule meetings in the chat window in exchange for contact information. The IVA automatically updates this information in your CRM or marketing automation platform. Then, she closes the loop by autonomously following up with visitors after their chat sessions to ensure the proper action was taken and their needs were met.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants come equipped with pre-built conversations for chat and workflows which can be configured and deployed within minutes. So, there’s no need for your busy employees to develop workflows or write conversations from scratch.

Website chat is another way Intelligent Virtual Assistants help engage buyers where they are while motivating visitors to take the next best action in their customer journey. In this way, helping really is the new selling.

See what Conversica’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants can do for your revenue-generating teams across Website Chat, Email and SMS Text Messaging by reading our Communication Channels Solution Brief.