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Conversational Marketing: Engage Leads from Top to Opp With Conversation Automation

Generating marketing leads takes time, effort, and investment. But so does qualifying those leads for the Sales team. With hundreds or even thousands of leads to work each month, it can be impossible to give each lead the attention they need. Not surprisingly, leads go unengaged, unnoticed, and unqualified. Now you can hire Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ to ensure no lead is left behind.

  • Maximize return on marketing spend by ensuring no lead is left untouched or underworked
  • Scale your ability to pre-qualify leads with one-to-one outreach to determine sales-readiness
  • Connect with website visitors in real-time with AI-powered website chat and continue the conversation over email or SMS


Conversational Marketing: Engage Leads from Top to Opp With Multichannel Conversation Automation

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Published 12/09/22
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Attract Higher Quality Leads and Convert More Opportunities to Drive Pipeline Dollars Faster

Generating marketing leads takes time, effort, and investment. But when inbound leads go untouched, unnoticed, or unengaged, your investments fall flat. This problem is exacerbated when there are thousands of leads to work each month, making it impossible to give each lead the attention it deserves. Not surprisingly, leads go unengaged. Now you can hire Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ to ensure no lead is left behind. Stop wasting your marketing spend. Maximize your return on investment with multichannel Conversation Automation for Marketing from Conversica.

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants engage buyers at the top of the funnel with human-like, two-way conversations across email, SMS, and website chat to drive customer engagement and find more sales-ready opportunities. By driving more dialogue at the top of the funnel, Revenue Digital Assistants pre-qualify marketing leads and accelerate sales-ready opportunities. Whether connecting with website visitors in real-time via AI-powered website chat, promptly and persistently engaging event attendees over email, or connecting with leads on the go over SMS text messaging, Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants for Conversational Marketing attract higher quality leads and drive pipeline.

Conversational Marketing for Lead Engagement

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants engage leads in personalized, two-way interactions at scale across multiple channels to drive toward the next best action accelerating revenue. Conversica offers more use cases across the top of the funnel to engage and qualify leads for Sales than any other Conversational Marketing solution. Use our Revenue Digital Assistants to:

  • Connect with website visitors in real-time
  • Remarket to your dormant leads
  • Pre-qualify captured leads with direct 1:1 outreach
  • Increase registrations to events, webinars, and virtual conferences
  • Deliver fast follow-ups to event attendees
“As a result of Conversica, we’ve been able to touch nearly every inquiry that comes into the business with a Revenue Digital Assistant. And that’s uncovering incremental, high-quality leads to support the Sales team. We are making rapid and thorough first contact, and we are doing it at scale.”
Byron O’Dell
Head of Corporate Marketing and Executive Director, IHS Markit

Never Wonder If Your Leads Are Getting Quality Touches Again

Frustrated by a lack of visibility into the Sales process? Truth be told, Marketing’s destiny is in the hands of Sales. Conversica Conversational Marketing helps make the most of every campaign by engaging thousands of leads in omnichannel conversations, pre-qualifying leads at scale, and providing greater insight into Sales follow-up. Make certain no leads fall through the cracks with a Revenue Digital Assistant.

Keep Your Contact Database Up to Date With Current Information

How well does your Marketing or Sales team update the CRM with new contact information found? Our Revenue Digital Assistants automatically update your CRM with current contact information garnered from its conversations.

Skills to Support Your Marketing Efforts From Day One

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants for Conversational Marketing can have many different skills. Skills drive the types of conversations Revenue Digital Assistants can have with a lead. Skills include:

  • GENERATE Interest: Engage visitors via website chat to connect them to the information they seek, answer general questions, or contact a rep through the website
  • CULTIVATE Early Interest: Reach out to prospects (pre-MQLs) that have signaled potential interest and have not requested contact yet
  • PRE-EVENT Outreach: Reach out to generate interest and set meetings for attendees in advance of events
  • POST-EVENT Engagement: Follow up with leads generated at an event as the first point of contact after the event
  • RE-ACTIVATE Dormant Demand: Proactively initiate contact with prospects that previously expressed interest >90 days ago

Easy Integration and Implementation

Implementation can typically be completed in under two weeks, depending on your requirements. Select the leads for your Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants in your existing CRM or marketing automation platform. Simple rules or triggers start Conversational Marketing outreach. Lead records are updated with the details of the Revenue Digital Assistant’s conversations. Marketing and Sales managers and team members receive email alerts directly in their inboxes.

Built for Ease-of-Use With Marketers in Mind

No need to write a single email outreach from scratch. Conversica combines best practices with ease of use. Our Revenue Digital Assistants come with skills and dozens of conversations pre-built for simple and immediate deployment. Customization is simple. Conversica’s Conversation Editor empowers you to update conversations to match your specific campaign needs; such as webinar and event follow-up. The graphic user interface is easy to use. Our engineering and data science teams make sure conversations will perform so that you can focus completely on the purpose of each conversation you decide to deploy.

About Conversica

Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs) supercharge workforces such as marketing, sales, and customer success teams to acquire untapped revenue through perfectly structured conversations. With billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade, Conversica’s RDAs have learned to influence and persuade customers and prospects throughout the customer journey lifecycle. Unlike chatbots, Conversica RDAs are Powerfully Human and can hold meaningful conversations at every touchpoint to create brand loyalty and maximize every revenue opportunity. The result is increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved customer experiences.

To learn more, visit and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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