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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Transform your Marketing. Conversica's seamless integration into Salesforce Marketing Cloud unlocks the power of adaptive, two-way AI conversations at every stage of the buyer journey.

  • Elevate your engagement
  • Accelerate conversions
  • Eliminate one-way communication


Two-Way AI Conversations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Published 04/12/24
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Get More Out of Your Marketing Cloud Investment

Accelerate Funnel & Lead Conversion

Strike while the iron’s hot: Go straight from one-way, static outreach to engaging, two-way conversations the second a lead takes an action to move buyers through the funnel faster.

Expand Business Value, Productivity & ROI

Improve nurture performances and get to qualified leads and conversions faster with automated nurture actions that surface handraisers for you, allowing Sales reps to focus on the best opportunities without sacrificing the rest.

Hyper-Qualified Leads & Contacts

Get more engagement from Salesforce Marketing Cloud with two-way conversations that increase qualification. Engage on the lead’s time and go beyond traditional rigid journey experiences.

Activate Conversations Within Journey Builder

Drag and drop conversations directly into Journey Builder for effortless multi-step workflows—no complex configurations or coding required. Trigger conversations at any point in the journey.

Top Use Cases

Conversica’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables users to drag-and-drop conversations directly into Journey Builder for an endless variety of use cases.

  1. Announce a new product enhancement to your lead base
    Instead of just sending a lead to a web page, trigger a two-way conversation with any lead that engaged with your journey, answering any questions they may have and confirming interest before connecting them with a rep.

    SFMC product enhancement announcement

    Example: A medical device company announces a new product to lead stock with two different CTAs. If leads are interested in learning more, Conversica sends a link and then sets up a time to call. If leads are interested in seeing a demo, Conversica asks discovery questions to ensure the rep has all the information they need going into the demo call.


  2. Reach out to past customers to drive repeat business or sell a complementary product
    Proactively reach out to every customer with personalized suggestions based on purchase history, providing promotions and answering questions to get customers to “Yes.”

    SFMC repeat business

    Example: A sports team contacts previous ticket purchasers to see if they would be interested in buying a ticket package or season tickets. If leads click on the CTA, a Conversica conversation is triggered to engage the lead in AI-powered conversation to gauge interest and set up a call with the right rep.

  3. Turn a standard nurture campaign or newsletter into a conversion engine
    Every organization has a drip campaign or newsletter they use to keep their brand top of mind, often including a variety of calls-to-action. Leverage an RDA to reach out and follow up on each of those CTAs differently. Turn a basic drip campaign into a funnel mover and shaker.

    SFMC nurture campaign

    Example: A SaaS company sends a drip campaign to leads. Clicks on the “More Info” CTA drive Conversica to send a link and schedule calls with the right rep. Leads who click on a CTA for a town hall meeting are engaged in conversation to drive event registrations. The “Meeting Request” CTA starts a qualification conversation.

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