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MAP vs. Conversation Automation | Snack-Size AI Ep. 1

How, exactly, are Conversation Automation solutions like Conversica different from Marketing Automation Platforms? It’s a question we get a lot, and it’s an important one to understand for anyone thinking of integrating Revenue Digital Assistants into their revenue teams. Conversica Director of Product Marketing Kendra Matthews explains.

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Published 06/04/22
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So Conversica doesn’t just talk at you, right? We talk with the lead. So if you think about it, marketing automation is very linear, it’s very structured, and it’s one-way communication. It often looks a little marketing-ish. Even if you try not to, it looks very marketing-ish.

Also, every email that goes out is going to be the same. If you design a program, Program A, and the first email in Program A is going out to a hundred people, those hundred people get exactly the same email, right?

Conversica and Conversation Automation is actually quite different. We are a conversation platform, right? Our goal is to do personalized outreach. But it doesn’t stop at outreach.

Our goal is not to reach the leads. Our goal is to have a conversation with them. So we’re all about making sure that our communications are structured in a very human-like manner. Just like your friend would send you a note or your colleague would send you a note: short, sweet, intended to get a response. And that’s why we have a very high engagement rate.

You add that to the fact that our AI actually dynamically generates every communication. So even if you want to have a similar conversation—like program A, right—with a hundred people, each one of those hundred emails is going to be slightly different. The sentence structure is going to be different.

We use variables and our AI then takes those variables and actually dynamically generates the email. So it very rarely hits the spam folder. It very rarely gets seen as a robotic or an automated email, right? Even if you’re sending it to 10 people in the same organization, they’re all going to get slightly different emails. So if they share it around, it’s not going to look like it was a blast.

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