Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

Conversica Launches First Enterprise-Ready GPT-Powered Chat Solution

Conversica Chat Uniquely Leverages the Best of Generative AI Technology with Enterprise-Ready Capabilities to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Experiences and Drive Revenue Growth


FOSTER CITY, Calif., February 27, 2023 – Conversica, Inc., the leading provider of Conversation Automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, today will showcase Conversica Chat, the first generally available GPT-powered chat solution for enterprise use during the B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) conference being held this week in Scottsdale, AZ.

Since 2020, Conversica has been incorporating the latest Generative AI and multiple large language models (LLM) into its solutions. With Conversica Chat for the enterprise, users are able to engage in ongoing, personalized interactions that provide highly relevant information and resources to support them through their buying processes, with a host of capabilities that truly make this technology consumable by the Fortune 100.

“GPT and large language models have been the foundation of Conversica’s Conversation Automation solutions for several years,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. “Our aim has always been to disrupt the industry by combining GPT technologies with the enterprise-scale features that customers demand. Conversica Chat is only the beginning of the customer journey. Our Powerfully Human®️ conversation technology engages users in a humanlike way throughout the buyer lifecycle, across all communication channels. These capabilities make Conversica’s AI automation solutions mission-critical to customers of all sizes.

In addition to advanced Generative AI models, Conversica Chat has key components that make it ready for enterprise use, including:

  • Brand Domain Knowledge: Conversica Chat enables organizations to train the AI to represent their specific brand tone, vernacular, offerings, and details.
  • Brand Secure Governance: Conversica Chat specifically represents brands with built-in guard rails that guarantee consistent, brand-safe responses which redirect and avoid discrimination constructs such as sexism and hate speech.
  • Outcome-Based Conversations: Conversica Chat engages users beyond Q&A to drive specific business outcomes, actively and autonomously progressing leads through the funnel rather than just gathering contact information and passing leads to human employees.
  • Multi-Channel and Multi-Lingual Support: Support for over 100 languages with rich, dynamic GPT-enabled conversations that span the entire communication spectrum: email, SMS, messaging applications, on social media, over voice, or even via in-store digital signage.
  • Use Cases Across the Lifecycle: Conversations that begin with chat on brand websites continue long after the windows close via two-way engagement from top of the funnel to purchase, complex retention, renewal, and expansion discussions.

“We’ve been working with Conversica on conversational AI solutions for the ability to connect with our fans directly, quickly help answer any questions, or guide them to the next step in their buying journey,” said David Walkovic, Senior Director of Ticket Sales for the Louisville City Football Club, which recently adopted Conversica Chat. “Conversica Chat amplifies these capabilities and offers us the opportunity to better serve our fans with cutting-edge technology.”

A recent survey conducted by Conversica shows that the majority of buyers are not satisfied with the standard chatbot experience, causing missed revenue opportunities for businesses. Four out of five enterprise buyers abandon the chat experience if the answers don’t address their unique needs when evaluating a potential vendor. They want fast, accurate answers relevant to their situation, and they’re not getting it from the first-gen, scripted chatbots generally in use today.

“As consumers continue to become familiar with GPT capabilities and enjoy their experiences, they will increasingly expect enterprise-class, GPT-enabled conversations across every communication channel in their native language when interacting with any and all businesses, brands, and organizations. Conversica is the only conversational AI company that’s truly leveraging Generative AI and GPT technologies to create life-like, two-way conversations with prospects and existing customers that help find and convert revenue opportunities,” added Kaskade.

See Conversica Chat in action at B2BMX or visit the website

About Conversica

Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) supercharge workforces such as marketing, sales, and customer success teams to acquire untapped revenue through perfectly structured conversations. With billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade, Conversica’s RDAs have learned to influence and persuade customers and prospects throughout the customer journey lifecycle. Unlike chatbots, Conversica RDAs are Powerfully Human and can hold meaningful conversations at every touchpoint to create brand loyalty and maximize every revenue opportunity. The result is increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved customer experiences. To learn more, visit and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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