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Health & Wellness

Engage Members and Grow Your Health & Wellness Business

Scale communication with current customers and prospective members. Revenue Digital Assistants™ help gyms, health clubs, and community centers drive members to take actions that help drive revenue.

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Conversica Value

Build Your Member Engagement Muscles

Jump On Every Opportunity

Tailored, personalized dialog designed to build loyalty & uncover opportunities with all your leads & members.

Conversations on the Go

Adapt to member preferences and seamlessly shift between webchat, email and SMS in 9 languages.

Keep Members Coming Back

An AI-powered concierge that knows their preferences, keeps them in the know and provides tailored offers.

A Spotter for Your Staff

Unlimited capacity to autonomously engage with 100% of contacts so no one falls through the cracks.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Revenue Digital AssistantsTM

  • Start a conversation with every potential member to support their research, answer questions & drive appointments
  • Build brand loyalty with dynamic webchat experience that getvs isitors the info they need in real time
  • Leverage insights, preferences and previous activity to tailor every engagement

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Authentic Webchat Engagement

Cultivating Member Interest

Driving Participation in Sales and Events

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Reigniting Waning Interest

Meet Your Engagement Expert
Conversational Marketing

Convert New Members

Revenue Digital AssistantsTM

  • Provide a personalized experience digitally the same way membership sales associates offer help in your club
  • Use business triggers to launch perfectly timed and highly personalized conversations that convert
  • Proactively reach out to trial members, older leads and former members to uncover hidden opportunities

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

Engaging Inbound Inquiries

Converting Trial Memberships

Winning Back Former Members

Answering Common Questions

Meet Your AI Sales Associate
Conversational Sales

Motivate & Retain Your Current Members

Revenue Digital AssistantsTM

  • Help customers get the most out of their memberships with tailored tips and offers
  • Proactively update members on club news and answer questions autonomously
  • Keep a pulse on member satisfaction, collecting feedback & encouraging sharing of experiences

Revenue Digital Assistants are Experts in:

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Promoting Complementary Services

Offering Tips to Drive Usage

Collecting Member Feedback

Proactive Announcements

Meet Your Member Cheerleader
Conversational Customer Success
The Conversica Difference

Don’t Trust a Simple Bot: Expertise and Experience Matter

Deliver the best experience AND get the best results with Conversica's AI-powered RDAs. Human enough to have authentic conversations and act autonomously, no intervention required.

Conversica: Powerfully Human®️ Experience, No Expertise Required

Trained to have standard conversations and smart enough to respond to non-standard requests

A series of two-way interactions that assist applicants and students while driving the desired outcome

Uses insights from multiple sources to dynamically segment & have meaningful conversations

Set up & maintenance is turn-key with 700+ conversations that are customized in just minutes

Everyone Else: Extensive Time Investment, Limited Impact

Leans on humans to respond to anything out of the ordinary, derailing the conversation

Reacts to the initial engagement with a predefined response and then abandons the exchange

Segmentation & personalization is limited by the capacity to create conversations from scratch

Significant time investment to create and maintain each conversation you deploy


Insights to Grow Your Health & Wellness Business

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