The Conversational AI Revolution Comes to Manufacturing

Manufacturers are leaders in predictive maintenance and process automation—but now is the time to meet customer expectations for personalized and timely communication with intelligent automation. As COVID accelerates digital-first adoption, Conversational AI helps manufacturers meet the moment by eliminating capacity challenges and accelerating revenue opportunities. Achieve immediate and tangible revenue impacts with Conversica AI Assistants.


Embrace Intelligent Automation as a Competitive Edge

Offering personalized, digital-first experiences across the customer lifecycle is imperative for manufacturers to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and boost lifetime customer value. Overcome gaps in staffing and talent with AI Assistants built to meet customer expectations and drive revenue opportunities.


Deliver Personalized, High-Touch Experiences to Leads and Prospects

Turn interested leads into hot leads and ramp revenue faster. Marketing teams within manufacturing need to prove immediate benefits and create ROI quickly. Conversational AI enhances the customer experience with personalized conversations from the first touch, to re-engagement, to accelerating sales-ready leads. Reduce friction in the buyer cycle and keep up with changing customer habits with omnichannel AI Assistants for Marketing.


Win More Sales Opportunities

It’s best to strike while the iron is hot. Complement your existing Sales team with Conversational AI to mitigate staffing challenges and infinitely scaling your resources. AI Assistants make sure every sales-ready opportunity is worked to the fullest by autonomously responding to prospects, updating contact info, and accelerating handraisers. Ensure your Salespeople can focus on high-value activities like building trusted relationships with prospects by offloading repetitive tasks to an AI Assistant.

Prioritize Your Existing Customer Relationships

Your customers are your best investment, and they deserve proactive and personalized attention. But do your Customer Account teams have the capacity to provide it? Don’t let growing customer-to-account-manager ratios negatively affect your ability to increase Annual Contract Value. Maximize existing relationships with Conversational Customer Success to help drive customer health, expand product usage, and upsell/cross-sell customers at scale.


Overcome the Labor and Skills Gap

Conversational AI helps manufacturers cover staffing gaps. Promptly respond to inquiries, continue the conversation with persistence, and personalize all your communications with AI Assistants. By automating personalized conversations at scale and autonomously taking the next best steps, AI Assistants maximize productivity without adding headcount.

Maximize Relationships With Customers and Prospects

Manufacturers succeed when they focus on building relationships with customers. Set your business apart by giving your contacts the attention they crave. Reach your customers and prospects with highly personalized engagement.

Expand Existing Customer Engagements

By delivering a distinctive customer experience, manufacturers increase the likelihood that customers will buy again, spend more, add products or services, and increase their loyalty to your company.

Automate Your Customer Interactions and Find More Opportunities

Want to discover opportunities faster, accelerate sales cycles, retain or grow your base? Request demo to learn how adding Conversica AI Assistants boosts team capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your business.