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We're excited to be back at NADA showing how AI is powering automated sales assistants that engage, qualify and follow-up with all your leads. Read on to see how you can connect with Conversica at the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Brian Pasch

Conversica: The Perfect Complement to Any Automotive Sales Process

Download the full research report today!

Get the PCG Research Report on Conversica. Your automated sales assistant reaches out to all your Internet leads, determines which ones are ready to buy, and alerts a sales rep - sharing what it has learned from the lead, such as the best number to use, best number to call, and purchase requirements. The two-way conversations are automated and much more personalized than autoresponders.

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"What makes Conversica great is the quality of the responses. It is very persistent. I would recommend Conversica in a heartbeat!" Matt Lowrey, IT Manager, Sport Hyundai Dodge

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