Dont Bother With Bots How to AI Assistants Improve Website Chat
Website chat is fairly common. While largely present on ecommerce websites as a way of answering questions and directing website visitors to the pages they’re looking for, website chat is growing in popularity across B2B and B2C organizations. Customer-facing teams within these businesses are leveraging website chat to engage website visitors in the moment and drive them to take action. But this requires a more sophisticated website chat than a simple chatbot can provide.

Here’s how AI Assistants improve website chat, boost engagement, and drive visitor actions.

AI-Powered Website Chat for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

The primary goal of any website chat feature is to give visitors something to interact with when they land on your website. Still, it’s important to point out the differences between website chat powered by Artificial Intelligence versus a rules-based chatbot.

A simple chatbot delivers canned responses to website visitors to deflect recurrent inquiries to your Support team. But even this has its limitations as chatbots, knocked off course by an unfamiliar input, require a human-in-the-loop to determine the next action. Depending on how well staffed your business is to handle this request can either be immediate or by the next business day.

Website chat powered by Conversational AI, on the other hand, engages website visitors in human-like, two-way conversations. The AI autonomously understands the incoming messages and responds appropriately thanks to Natural-Language Processing. This means dialogue feels more real and authentic than a chatbot.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Conversational AI for website chat drives these conversations to a desired end. For the Marketing team, this might mean encouraging the visitor to complete a lead form with contact information; for Sales, this might mean scheduling a demo or a meeting to learn more about your offerings; and for Customer Success, this might mean elevating customer questions to ensure healthy relationships.

Of course, AI-powered website chat is still able to answer frequently asked questions and connect visitors with the information they seek. But since AI Assistants—a Conversational AI solution built to act as a virtual team member—leverage Machine Learning, these interactions get better over time; which is another differentiator from simple bots.

Increasing Website Chat Engagement

A sophisticated website chat solution is easier for visitors to use and offers value use cases through these interactions. This naturally drives up engagement rates.

Here’s a real-world example of how one company saw high engagement rates after using a website chat powered by an AI Assistant: TigerDirect, a California-based online B2C retailer offering computers and electronics, decided to adopt a website chat solution in hopes of engaging visitors and collecting contact information before customers left their site. Within just seven days, TigerDirect captured email addresses from 25% of visitors totaling more than 3,000 new email addresses. Within just a week, the website chat strategy turned out to be a huge success in driving the Marketing team’s goals; not to mention helpful for providing 24/7 customer assistance.

Omnichannel Conversational AI

Chatbots live in a small window or pop-up on a website—and that’s really their whole world. AI Assistants are omnichannel, meaning they do their jobs across website chat, email, and SMS.

Why is this important for customer-facing teams? Let’s say a lead comes through your website chat requesting information about your products or services. The Conversational AI engages them in a two-way conversation determining what questions they have and collects their contact information. The website chat AI alerts the Sales team of a potentially hot lead while also automating a follow-up from the AI Assistant via email. This ensures that the lead never falls out of the loop, while also delivering prompt, persistent, and personalized communications from the AI Assistant over email.

Not only does this provide the lead an unprecedented level of attention, but it also helps guide the lead towards the next best action (such as joining a call with a Salesperson or Customer Success Rep).

Don’t send a bot to do an AI Assistant’s job. Website chat powered by Conversational AI helps boost engagement, keeps visitors on your website by giving them something to interact with, captures contact information, and drives towards the next best action to generate revenue.

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