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Better Lead Management Through Lead Statuses


Conversica Lead Statuses
Conversica Lead Statuses
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Published 11/29/23
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Lead management is an essential strategy for helping organizations track and optimize their Sales process. When a business employs a Conversica Revenue Digital Assistant, Conversica becomes part of that process. Conversica’s lead statuses help you manage your leads with several helpful product features.

Key Term: LEAD

Within Conversica's system, leads aren't only for Marketing. We use this term to cover prospective, former or existing customers—basically, any contacts in your system that you would want to engage in a conversation to push toward a revenue opportunity, including first-time buyers, returning customers, contract renewals and expansions.

What is a Lead Status?

The Lead Status tells you the current state of a lead or contact.

Lead statuses identify where the lead is in the communication process with a Conversica Revenue Digital Assistant. Statuses help you to know when a lead is interested and ready for contact, as well as when a response needs review or additional follow-up after a conversation. Conversica users leverage these various statuses in reports and Lead Manager views.

Conversica’s Conversational AI platform currently uses six lead statuses that identify what the next step should be based on the lead’s signals from the conversation.

Conversica’s Six Lead Statuses

Conversica's six statuses for lead management

These lead statuses are also used to organize leads in the Conversica dashboard and may be pushed back to the customer’s integrated system.

Most Common Lead Status Definitions

Hot Lead: The lead has expressed interest in the goal of the conversation (interest in speaking with a rep, or interest in receiving more information via a link) and is ready for contact by a representative or for the RDA to send the link. Use this field to run reports to see what leads are currently Hot and ready for contact or that requested your information. A lead will remain Hot until we follow up and hear if they have any additional questions or have been helped.

Lead to Review: The lead’s reply needs to be reviewed to determine your representative’s next action. Conversica will no longer message this Lead. This status is applied in situations when the lead provides an automatic reply, shows confusion in response the outreach or would like to interact in a way that is outside the goal of the conversation. 

Further Action: The lead responded that they have further questions or that the representative did not contact them. If the representative can take action regarding the lead’s needs, Further Action is applied. The lead is still in need of information and information provided by the lead is relevant for the representative to know.


Lead Status Examples

Lead to Review

Hot Lead example

further action

Diving Deeper on Statuses

Lead status deep dive

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