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Conversation Automation is Key for B2B Digital Transformation


Conversations automated by AI
Conversations automated by AI
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Conversation Automation
Published 08/23/22
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Every day, business leaders are bombarded by concerning news about a potential economic downturn. B2B companies of every size are reviewing priorities as they recession-proof their business.

Conversica and 451 Research, part of S&P Global, just released a new analysis that shows AI-powered conversational automation solutions are now a must-have for revenue teams.

The findings show digitally-driven companies—those with digital transformation strategies currently in place—prioritize technologies that improve customer experience and are twice as likely to invest in conversational technologies.

B2B Digital Leaders Prioritize Customer Experience

Improving customer experience is a main driver for digital transformation among digital leaders.
With the bar for what buyers consider a good customer experience getting higher and higher, digital leaders’ move to adopt conversation automation is a smart one. Customers today want personalized, immediate touches that treat them like an individual, not a number. A recent survey from Salesforce found that 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, up from 66% in 2020.
The majority of businesses would end a relationship with a company due to poor customer experience.
And with 80% of businesses stating they’re likely to end a relationship with a company due to a poor customer experience, brands need to be able to meet those buyer expectations—or risk losing customers.

The vast majority of respondents said they were exploring conversational technologies like digital assistants to solve this problem. Digital assistants and conversation automation technology can help B2B companies scale one-to-one conversations to keep up with customer expectations, increase revenue and endure economic setbacks.

 78% of businesses want to explore conversational technologies to augment their workforce.

Download the 451 Research infographic

How to Become a Digitally-Driven Revenue Team

So what do companies who are behind the curve need to make this timely digital transformation happen before it’s too late?
Prioritize the tech that allows their revenue-driving team to do more with less. While 30 percent of digitally-delayed organizations already use some from of conversational technology, simple chatbots aren’t the same as more robust Conversation Automation solutions.
Your standard-issue chatbot has a set conversation path, forcing customers down simple, rigid Q&A tracks. They can gather data like lead information, but without dynamic message generation and the power of natural language generation, chatbots can’t truly replicate the experience of talking to an actual human. In addition, they can only engage customers when they’re on the website, rather than autonomously communicating with customers on their own time.

Companies need modern tools that can be deployed quickly and engage in personalized human-like, two-way conversations that can autonomously engage new buyers or existing customers to provide an exceptional experience throughout the entire lifecycle.
Hiring more employees to proactively engage with every prospect and customer isn’t feasible, and revenue teams are already stretched thin. Conversica’s Conversation Automation solution enhances and supports revenue teams’ capabilities by taking on many of the necessary but time-consuming tasks so they can strategically focus on conversion and growth while still delivering the experience customers expect, working smarter and bringing more revenue.
With economic anxieties building, every interaction matters more than ever. Companies can’t afford to leave opportunities on the table. The truly digitally-driven companies are not just managing data at scale or solely relying on their revenue teams to cover all the customer’s journey. They’re creating ROI by maximizing the performance of their teams using AI automation helping them unearth and unlock untapped revenue sources.

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