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Conversica Announces New Salesforce Automotive Cloud Integration


Conversica now integrates with Salesforce Automotive Cloud
Conversica now integrates with Salesforce Automotive Cloud
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Published 03/30/23
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Available on Salesforce AppExchange, Conversica’s new integration helps customers move buyers through the sales process, build campaigns and more. With this integration, Salesforce Automotive Cloud customers can use Conversica’s AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants™ to leverage data from Automotive Cloud for two-way conversations that drive revenue. By integrating Conversica, dealers can automate their Sales and Marketing processes to generate more qualified leads, increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Conversica’s Generative AI solution for Auto Sales and Service engages with leads through personalized email, SMS and web chat conversations. It can qualify and nurture leads, schedule appointments and close simple deals on behalf of Sales representatives. Our new integration enables dealerships using Automotive Cloud to launch conversations, hyper-segment leads with added personalization and feed information back into Salesforce for better tracking and follow-up.

Businesses in the automotive industry using Salesforce Automotive Cloud and Conversica’s integration can engage leads and unlock revenue like never before. Here are some of the key benefits of using this integration:

  • Improved lead generation and nurturing: Dealers can select target prospects from Salesforce and assign a Revenue Digital Assistant for outreach based on specific campaigns or to follow up with inbound leads.
  • Increased efficiency: Automating routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments and following up with customers, increases efficiency, and reduces the time required to manage sales and marketing processes.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Conversica provides a personalized experience, engaging with leads and customers in a humanlike manner to address questions and concerns in real-time, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.
  • Better data insights and prompts to action: This integration ensures that powerful insights are not wasted due to a lack of capacity. Insights can generate action triggers for AI to do the work of humans.

Conversica’s new integration for Salesforce Automotive Cloud allows dealers to automate the conversations that uncover revenue opportunities while freeing employees to focus on closing deals and providing excellent customer service.

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