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Conversica Introduces Conversational ABM Skill for Revenue Digital Assistants ™


AI for marketing powered by the industry's most advanced NLP technology
AI for marketing powered by the industry's most advanced NLP technology
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Published 11/09/21
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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) does an awesome job of identifying target accounts, sharing intent data for personalized outreach, and aligning Marketing and Sales teams. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end-all solution to your Sales and Marketing needs. For all the good it offers, ABM doesn’t solve problems rooted in execution and scalable outreach.

Fortunately, there are ways to squeeze more value out of your ABM without occupying your already busy staff. The solution is in finding ways to scale personalized outreach, contact qualification, and opportunity acceleration. By combining the strategic advantages of ABM with the scalable execution of Conversation Automation, you get Conversational ABM.

Conversational ABM for Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants

Conversica is the leading provider of Conversation Automation helping companies attract, acquire and grow revenue across the customer lifecycle. We are constantly improving our Revenue Digital Assistants to match the challenges of an ever-changing market. As part of this effort, we’ve tackled Conversational ABM head-on by introducing a series of three personalized conversations—couched under one “skill”—for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that drive to a phone call with a representative.

  • ICP Outreach
  • Target Customer Outreach
  • Customer Solution Outreach

Conversica’s ICP Outreach allows you to reference a customer testimony in your Revenue Digital Assistant’s outreach. Business professionals know the value of recommendations from a satisfied buyer in the form of a customer testimonial. For best results, share a customer testimony from the relevant industry, size, and similar KPIs to the person you are reaching out to.

ICP Outreach from Conversica

Conversica’s Target Customer Outreach hooks the reader in with a relevant problem statement then recommends your product or service as a solution to that problem. This AI-driven conversation is impactful because it leverages ABM data to personalize the challenge statement and empathize with it. Thus, making the pitch all the more effective.

Target Customer Outreach with Conversica

Conversica’s Customer Solution Outreach states a challenge pertaining to your contact, before sharing how others are solving their problem with your solution. This conversation inspires confidence in your solution by demonstrating it’s a path others have tread before.

Conversica’s three-part ABM Outreach Skill delivers highly personalized outreach to your target accounts. Isn’t it time you scaled effective outreach and execution to get more out of your ABM strategy?

Read what challenges and opportunities Account-Based Marketing offers in the 2021 State of ABM Report from Renegade, The New Sales and Marketing Divide: It’s Not What You Think.

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