Conversational ABM: When Conversational AI Meets Account-Based Marketing

Access to account and buying insights is just the beginning of your ABM strategy. The crucial next step is using those insights to reach every target account. If you are like most organizations, your Sales team is doing a good job personalizing outreach for their top 10-15 accounts but simply doesn’t have the capacity to go deeper into the list. Organizations need to scale personalized conversations to all ABM accounts. To get the most out of your Account-Based Marketing, you need Conversational AI.


Conversational AI Gives Voice to Your ABM

ABM is great at identifying when target accounts are in-market and providing actionable insights. But Marketing and Sales teams still struggle with consistent engagement. Conversational AI scales two-way conversations outreach, takes advantage of ABM information for ALL your accounts, and accelerates opportunities. Let AI Assistants conduct proactive and personalized outreach to engage a customer in a human-like, two-way dialog.

Conversational ABM Delivers Personalized Engagement at Scale

Increase Engagement Rates


Accelerate Deal Cycles


Create Better Customer Experiences


ABM Is a Framework, Conversational AI Carries It Out

Success in Marketing and Sales depends on the right combinations of people, processes, and technology. While ABM provides a strategic framework, manual execution falls flat. Why? Because people aren’t great at repetitive outreach to match high demand volumes. And with only so many hours in a day, it’s just not practical. Instead, have your AI Assistant work alongside your Sales team to touch every account or to take over once Sales completes their initial push.


Put Your ABM Intent Data to Use

ABM helps you discover the best accounts to target. But how well do you pursue and engage those opportunities? Stop wasting time and energy chasing prospects. Conversica makes it easy to put account-based insights—firmographic, buyers’ persona, sales stage, and intent data—into highly personalized engagements. Your AI Assistant does the rest by proactively reaching out to the contacts and engaging them in human-like, two-way personalized conversations—at scale. Engage your customers on their terms by communicating across channels (email, SMS, and website chat) while motivating the next best action in driving revenue.

The Augmented Workforce Conquers Your Capacity Problem

Turn your ABM Investment into revenue with Conversica Conversational AI. Conversica AI Assistants are your best team members—augmenting your workforce by automating redundant but important tasks so you can focus on high-value activities. AI Assistants leverage lead and account data from your CRM, MAP, and ABM platforms to conduct the most relevant outreach and have a dialog that is meaningful to the contact. Always willing and able, Conversica AI Assistants are trusted team members using the power of conversations to identify handraisers and accelerate revenue opportunities—thus helping you make the most of your ABM.


Get Started With Conversational AI for Marketing and Sales

Conversica AI Assistants attract, acquire, and grow opportunities by delivering omnichannel conversations to leads and prospects that drive towards revenue-generating actions.

Attract Higher Quality Accounts With Conversational Marketing  

Engage 100% of your leads and
find the handraisers.

Acquire More Customers Faster With Conversational Sales

Accelerate sales-ready opportunities
to win more revenue.

“What’s exciting to us about the new ABM Outreach skill is the ability to match specific pain points—whether it be by persona, title, or industry—with a tailored value statement increasing the relevance to the contact. The impact of these added variables, in the ICP Outreach conversation, has led to an engagement and hot lead rate +10% higher than our standard Conversica conversations.” 

Jill Marguette
Director Demand Gen & Marketing Ops
The New Sales and Marketing Divide: It’s Not What You Think

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