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How to use Conversation Automation to improve Customer Success outcomes
How to use Conversation Automation to improve Customer Success outcomes
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Published 03/14/23
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Customer Success isn’t just a team or function, it’s a way of doing business that puts the customer first. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are in the unique position to be in direct conversation with a company’s customers and internal stakeholders. CSMs help retain existing revenue and make sure customers are satisfied so they are more likely to purchase further products and services.

The majority (60%) of Customer Success leaders say growing revenue by selling more to existing customers is one of their top priorities in 2023. This has put Customer Success in the limelight, and for good reason. Businesses are extremely cautious about investing in new customer acquisition amid today’s uncertain economy. In order to drive incremental revenue, organizations are putting greater emphasis on retaining and growing existing customers

As Customer Success teams experience capacity strain and high customer-to-account-manager ratios, they are forced to pick and choose which customers to prioritize over others. This can lead to inconsistent and even poor client satisfaction ratings, which results in churn. With only so many hours in a day, it’s impossible for even your highest-performing employees to give every customer the attention they are looking for. 

Enter Conversation Automation. By augmenting your human workforce with AI tools like Conversation Automation, businesses empower Customer Success teams to be more effective in scaling customer engagements as well as providing faster and more personalized communication. 

Customer Success AI Tactics That Improve Outcomes

Conversational AI for Customer Success empowers higher scale and efficiency as AI assistants solve the issue of imbalanced CSM-to-customer ratios without requiring more staff. Below are six uses for Conversation Automation:

  1. Leverage an AI-Powered Assistant: Intelligent Virtual Assistants built for Customer Success teams like Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ are a form of Conversational AI that engage customers in human-like, two way conversations at scale. By combining the scalability of intelligent automation with Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI-powered assistants can autonomously craft and deliver messages to customers, while also understanding and responding to them. These assistants can be used to answer common customer inquiries, such as FAQs, kick off important retention conversations and help customers better leverage their investment in a product or service. This can help reduce the workload on Customer Success teams while still providing customers with quick and accurate responses.
  2. Implement automated messaging: Automated messaging can be used to follow up with customers after a request has been resolved, check in on their satisfaction with the resolution and ask for feedback. This can help improve customer satisfaction and retention. Communications from a Revenue Digital Assistant are always prompt, persistent, and polite. So even if it takes multiple attempts to push a customer in the right direction, the assistant never gives up and never gets frustrated.
  3. Use automated workflows: Automated workflows can be set up to trigger actions based on customer behavior, such as sending a personalized email when a customer reaches a certain milestone or offering a discount when a customer is at risk of churning. 
  4. Personalize conversations: By using customer data to personalize conversations, conversation automation helps create a more personalized customer experience.  Details like a customer’s name, location, purchase history and customer lifetime value provide Revenue Digital Assistants with the input to have autonomous and personalized conversations.  
  5. Integrate with other tools: Conversation automation tools can be integrated with tools throughout the tech stack, including CRM systems and Customer Success platforms, to provide a more seamless customer experience. This can help teams leverage all available customer data and ensure that information is up-to-date and accessible to Customer Success teams.

Conversational AI reduces cost and risk by delivering consistent engagement with every customer without adding headcount. This technology also increases revenue and retention through higher cross-sell and upsell opportunities, while also driving down churn rates.

Results of Customer Success AI

Conversica is the only Conversational AI platform fueled by billions of human interactions spanning over a decade, making our Revenue Digital Assistants intelligent enough to deliver Powerfully Human®️ conversations at scale. Customer Success teams that leverage Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants have seen 44x ROI and 125%+ net dollar retention.

The insights gleaned from augmenting your workforce with Conversational AI allows for optimized customer engagements at scale. Request a demo to see Conversica in action today!

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