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How Dynamic Messaging Fields Improve Conversation Performance

Mary Jimenez

Sr. Conversation Designer

Variable-based messaging maximizes the performance of your conversations
Variable-based messaging maximizes the performance of your conversations
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Published 01/23/23
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We conducted market research to make sure that the messages sent by your Revenue Digital Assistant™ (RDA) will achieve the expected performance results out of the box.

But why stop there? It’s no secret that injecting your brand’s voice will unlock your Revenue Digital Assistant’s true potential.

The easiest way to do this is by adding values to the dynamic fields in the Conversation Editor. Not only does this provide necessary context, but it also increases the overall variation in potential messages, which in turn improves performance.

What We Found When Using Dynamic Messaging Fields

I’ll let the data speak for itself. Using the available dynamic fields leads to…


Increase in Engagement


More Hot Leads


Lower Spam Rates

Enough said!

Drawbacks of Stagnant Messaging

It’s also important to note the flip side. Customization requests that remove variation (i.e., requests to create single phrases in messaging for all leads) result in decreased overall performance.

There’s even a much higher risk that email server providers will be alerted of potential spam.

For example, the grey message below shows the lack of variation potential in a message without variables, whereas the green messages show how there is exponentially more variation when you use the three variable fields.

Using dynamic messaging increases the variation in the output

Choose Values that Maximize Performance

Now that you’re sold on the idea of optimizing your Revenue Digital Assistant by adding values to all of the dynamic fields, it’s important to keep in mind the following when tailoring your messaging:

  • Shorter variable values optimize engagement
  • Variable values with personal language perform better (i.e. “a link to our instructions” performs better than “a link to the report”)

If you’ve adjusted the dynamic fields as much as possible and aren’t sure what’s next, we’re here to help! Our Conversations Team reviews requests to customize messaging while maintaining variation—customers just need to submit a ticket to Support.

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