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Improving Wellness Organizations With Health and Wellness Virtual Assistants


Using AI to Retain and Grow Customers in a Downturn
Using AI to Retain and Grow Customers in a Downturn
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Published 10/29/20
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With public health concerns, business closures, and resulting economic downturn, this year has been rough for everybody. But it’s been especially rough on health and wellness organizations including health clubs, gyms, and nonprofit community centers. These organizations thrive on inviting people into their doors which was simply not an option due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges Facing Wellness Organizations

While local ordinances vary, many of these organizations are reopening their doors and working hard to entice previous customers and members to come back. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task. Beyond adopting new hygiene and sanitation measures and social distancing requirements, these organizations also need to get the word out. This includes alerting contacts of reopening procedures and safety measures taken, as well as motivating contacts to take action and rejoin the facility.

Recognizing that many of these organizations have limited staff to handle all of these tasks, health and wellness centers are looking for an innovative solution to help them deliver the personalized messaging their community expects, at scale.

Enter an Intelligent Virtual Assistant —or more specifically, a Member Engagement Assistant—a smart technology to help gyms, wellness centers, and health clubs engage former customers and acquire new memberships.

Using Health and Wellness Virtual Assistants to Scale Wellness Organizations

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) are AI-powered, SaaS-based software applications that serve as virtual team members. What does this mean for health and wellness organizations? Practically speaking, an IVA helps deliver polite and personalized messages to your contacts at scale, without taxing your staff members with that leg work.

Of course, there’s another challenge facing health and wellness organizations right now. Many former and would-be members feel uncertain about reentering public spaces. They might not know what the rules are or what your organization is doing on their behalf.

Communication is paramount right now, and AI-powered Member Engagement Assistants make it easy to inform members and contacts about what they need to know to stay safe and ease any concerns. Health and wellness centers can message hundreds or even thousands of contacts with polite and personalized messaging alerting them of local regulations, best practices, and facility precautions to ensure everyone is educated and comfortable when in the gym.

Member Engagement Assistants are also beneficial for organizations prospecting potential new members. Since IVAs foster real conversations and engage every incoming lead, they help discover qualified sales or membership opportunities for your organization. And since these virtual team members are powered by artificial intelligence, they can operate autonomously without someone on your staff writing every outgoing message. IVAs are a scalable way to promptly and persistently communicate with would-be members and new prospects.

By combining the right mix of tech and people, health and wellness organizations can extend their outreach capabilities, drive operational efficiencies, and deliver a stellar member experience.

To learn more about how the wellness industry is leveraging AI to communicate with their prospects and members, reach out to our partners: Daxko and Club Automation.

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