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Seal the Deal Before End of Quarter with the Pipeline Push Conversation


Seal the deal with pipeline push
Seal the deal with pipeline push
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Published 02/29/24
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As we approach the final stretch of Q1, it’s time to ensure that every potential deal in your pipeline gets the attention it deserves. The countdown has begun, and with one month left on the clock (when did that happen??), Conversica’s Pipeline Push conversation is your secret weapon to re-ignite interest, incentivize quick action, and help your sales team close those lingering deals.

Pipeline Push in Action

Sometimes leads close to purchasing need an extra nudge, which is where Pipeline Push, part of our Re-Activate Interest skill, comes in.

Your Revenue Digital Assistant leverages insights on stalling accounts and proactively sends them a personalized message to help get the sale across the finish line.

Pipeline Push

The conversation is designed for leads that are close to purchasing. The goal of the conversation is to give your leads an additional nudge to purchase from you.

Your assistant will message leads, driving for a call with a representative. After a lead has had the opportunity to speak with a representative, your assistant will follow up with the lead to ensure they received all the information they needed. If a lead isn’t interested at the moment, Conversica will ask the lead to refer someone who may be interested. If a lead says they are the wrong contact at their company, Conversica will ask for the correct contact and collect their contact information.

The End-of-Quarter Push

All hands on deck for Sales at the end of every quarter, right? Let your Sales team focus on high-priority deals while your RDA uses Pipeline Push to prevent deals from slipping through the cracks as you close out the quarter.

Expand your Sales capacity – especially when it’s crunch time! – with Pipeline Push where your RDA is dedicated to quickly closing deals, too.

Wake Up Closed-Not-Won and No-Show Opportunities

Pipeline Push is the solution for low-hanging fruit – those closed-not-won and no-show opportunities. Instead of burdening your Sales team, your RDA takes charge. It reaches out to prospects who previously expressed a need for your solution, warms them back up, and seamlessly hands them over to your Sales rep to close the deal. It’s an efficient strategy, freeing up your Sales team to focus on what they do best.

Real-Life Example: Candace, Our Sales RDA

Let’s take a closer look at how Pipeline Push works with a real-life example featuring Candace, our Sales RDA. She diligently follows up with an old hot lead, showcasing the proactive and personalized approach that Pipeline Push brings to the table.

Pipeline Push in Real Life

As the clock ticks down on Q1, don’t let potential deals slip away. Pipeline Push is your ally in the final quarter stretch, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed. Whether it’s reigniting interest in stalling accounts, supporting your end-of-quarter push, or handling closed-not-won opportunities, Pipeline Push is your go-to solution for efficient and effective deal closing.

Ready to supercharge your end-of-quarter strategy? Dive into Pipeline Push and let Conversica’s AI-powered assistants take your sales team to new heights. Happy closing!

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