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Keepin’ It Real: Being Transparent About Your Revenue Digital Assistant


Revenue Digital Assistant Disclosure
Revenue Digital Assistant Disclosure
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Published 10/24/23
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One of the questions we often get from customers is how to handle end-users asking Revenue Digital Assistants if they’re human.

It’s a valid discussion; one of the big benefits of adopting an RDA is their Powerfully Human® conversation abilities. The two-way, generative AI-powered dialog really does feel like talking to a human, which is how we can deliver such great customer experience without the need for added headcount.

That being said, at Conversica, we understand the significance of transparency in establishing trust with our customers.

Recent research reinforces the expectation that customers want brands to be forthcoming about their usage of AI in their products and services—57% of respondents to Salesforce’s 2023 State of the Connected Customer survey said greater visibility into how companies apply AI would boost their trust.

This expectation is also in line with regulatory requirements that emphasize transparency in the use of AI for customer-facing applications.

Therefore, we recommend identifying our Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants as a “digital assistant” or explicitly mentioning its “AI-powered” nature. By embracing transparency, we can align our customers’ expectations with regulatory guidelines while building trust in our brand.

Here is an example of how we handle this question in our own chat application on our website. Feel free to use this as your own response in Conversica Answers or for relaying to your own team!

How to handle the "Are you human?" question


How your Revenue Digital Assistant answers direct questions isn’t the only consideration to make. You also want to be sure you’re presenting your RDA ethically in other ways, too. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Choose names, job titles and email aliases that make sense for your region and audience
  • Make use of the “Reply as Assistant” function to maintain consistency in the conversation and hand off to a human rep when necessary
  • Treat the assistant as part of your team


  • Set up fake social media profiles for your RDA
  • Name your RDA after a real person
  • Lie to your audience about your use of AI

AI technology is moving quickly. We as creators, sellers and ultimately users have a responsibility to be transparent and thoughtful in how we put this powerful tool into practice.

Do you have thoughts on how to walk the line between creating humanlike experiences and ethical use of AI? Join the conversation in the Conversica Community!

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