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Online Retailer Chooses Conversica Website Chat Over Simple Chatbots


Find the best leads in your database
Find the best leads in your database
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Published 04/20/22
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What’s the difference between a chatbot and a website chat powered by a Revenue Digital Assistant™?

To put it simply, chatbots are limited, rules-based programs that recognize certain phrases and match them to a specific action. Website chat powered by true artificial intelligence, on the other hand, leverages natural-language processing (NLP) and intelligent automation to engage customers in real-time, two-way conversations. In other words, a bot can only deliver canned responses to predetermined terms while a Revenue Digital Assistant can deliver human-like conversations over website chat.

But what does AI-powered website chat look like in the real world?

Exploring Website Chat Powered by Conversation Automation

A California-based online retailer adopted website chat powered by Conversica Conversation Automation to better engage online customers and capture contact information before consumers left their site. This was part of a larger objective to adopt more automation into their business.

The primary issue facing the business was high bounce rates on their website. The company hoped website chat would keep people on-site longer by giving visitors something to engage with.

Secondarily, the online retailer was interested in capturing contact information before consumers left their site. This information is leveraged to follow up with prospects via an automated email response to help answer questions and motivate sales.

What were the results of adopting a Revenue Digital Assistant-powered website chat from Conversica?

Within just seven days, the online retailer:

  • Captured 3,000 new email addresses via Conversica’s Website Chat
  • Gathered email addresses from 25% of visitors
  • Collected phone numbers from thousands of customers
  • And afforded many customers 24/7 customer assistance

Onboarding Conversica’s Website Chat

Even with limited IT resources, the online retailer was able to complete training and deployment in a couple of hours thanks to help from the Conversica team. Customization of Conversica’s website chat was easy as well, including updates to the color scheme, preferred introductory message, and original brand logo. The company tracked the success of Conversica’s website chat by using REF codes and UTM links.

So, what does the future hold for this online retailer? The company is excited to continue to develop its Conversation Automation strategy. This includes putting leads who are not yet ready to buy into a nurture stream and adding more Q&A capabilities to the website chat platform.

Are you ready to start your own journey with multi-channel Conversation Automation? Explore our Communication Channels Data Sheet

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